The hottest clip-in streak hairstyles of 2022

Have you been looking for something to turn you into a modern-day Glam Goddess but don’t know what to do with your mane? If that’s the case, a tinge of color with streaks is the answer! Streaks have become one of the most-searched terms for ladies looking for a makeover.

Some ladies prefer a minimal change, while others prefer a complete overhaul. Of course, there’s the general uncertainty whether to go bright or natural, which streak color you want, and which hue would actually complement your skin tone and hair, to name a few.

But did you know there was a better way to amp up your hair without the commitment or damage? For millions of women and us, clip-in streaks are the perfect way to liven up your style with little to no damage to your hair! That’s why we have come up with a list of clip-in hair streaks hairstyles which will make you the center of attention!

A Brief Summary Of Clip-In Colored Hairstreaks

Clip-in hair streaks are what it sounds like; wefts of colored extensions that you can install and attach to the roots of your hair. Clip-in hair streaks can take your hairstyle from regular to dazzling in minutes!

With clip-in streaks, you can add color whenever and wherever you want. Clip-in streaks are available in multiple colors and lengths, making it easier to achieve the desired look effortlessly.

Styling Tip: when you style clip-in colored hairstreaks, curls and waves will do wonders for you. Curls and waves will help accentuate the colors and amp up your hair single handedly.

How To Install Clip-In Hair Streaks

A visual representation of clip-in streaks  installation

Unlike traditional hair extensions, clip-in highlights and streaks usually come with double or single clips, making installation much easier. Follow these steps to install clip-in hair streaks at home and make any hairstyle look vibrant and chic!

  1. Comb your hair to remove knots.
  2. Section your hair depending on where you want to place the clip-in colored hair streak and tease it.
  3. Open the pressure-sensitive clip and press the clip to secure it to the roots.
  4. If needed, trim the ends of your extensions.
  5. Cover the weft with your hair and style as desired!

1.    Pretty In Pink With Clip-In Hairstreaks

Pretty pink wavy hair looks amazing on black and brown hair in this long, sassy hairdo. It is a fantastic way to amp up your hair without dyeing it and can be worn daily.

Place a few pink clip-in colored hair streaks strategically and heat-style to achieve the ripples.

2.    Center-Parted Blue Wavy Hairstyle

The center-parted wavy hairstyle with blue clip-in streaks is a fresh and breathtaking hairstyle for ladies in their 20s. The blue tint contrasts well with black hair, and the combination does not overpower the waves.

This beach waves clip-in streaks hairstyle is a fun look and looks even better with long bangs or layers.

3.    A Messy French Braid Hairstyle

Braids and high-updos with clip-ins can be difficult to achieve, but the key is to keep it messy. This messy French braid hairstyle with light green clip-in hairstreaks allows you to cover the weft while providing the most effortless result.

Pro Tip: Tease the roots, spritz hairspray for volume, and keep it messy.

4.    Long Red Subtle Waves Hairstyle

This long red clip-in with subtle waves hairstyle is one of the most effortless ways to flaunt a vibrant and bold look. Red hair streaks look fabulous on any hair, especially black hair because their brightness brings your hair to life. What better way to flaunt a fierce look than with clip-in colored hairstreaks? Plus, the subtle waves add a hint of elegance and femininity.

5.    Neon Streaks Style On Color-Treated Hair

Styling color-treated hair can be daunting, especially if the hue has started to fade. That’s when neon clip-in hair streaks come into play. Neon streaks and clip-in highlights can liven up your combo hair and make any brassy tone look vivid.

Install a few neon streaks throughout your hair and amp up your hair with large curls, as shown in the picture above.

6.    Golden Yellow Streaks Hairstyle

There’s something nostalgic about the golden yellow streaks hairstyle, and the color contrasts well with dark hair. Whether you choose a center or a side part, the hairstyle will positively give you the coveted main character vibe.

Where To Buy The Best Clip-In Streaks From?

Since you have seen a glimpse of clip-in-streaks hairstyles to brighten up your look, it’s only natural to want to know where you can purchase them. The best place to buy clip-in hair streaks is from Diva Divine Hair Extensions & Wigs.

With Diva Divine’s Clip-In Highlights, you can add length and color to your hair wherever and whenever you want! Simply clip them onto your hair, and you’re all set to unleash the colors! Their single clip and triple clip-in hair streaks come in various styles and colors.

Their Highlights are easy to install and remove and provide a super realistic look– almost like your hair has been highlighted without any damage!

Diva Divine Hair Extensions & Wigs use high-quality materials and 100% human hair to manufacture their clip-in streaks. Here are a few exceptional benefits of using their clip-in streaks:

  • You will not experience any tangling and matting because they are all made of human hair.
  • It is super easy to install clip-in streaks. The clips provide a good grip and stay in place throughout the day.
  • Since the clip-ins are all made of human hair, you can achieve curls and waves using heat-styling tools. As mentioned earlier, curls and waves help accentuate the color & style.
  • Diva Divine offers many color options that you can wear together or individually!
  • Most importantly, their clip-in streaks are durable and extremely low-maintenance. You don’t have to spend hours or money maintaining them!


Turn your style from regular to modern-day goddess glam with clip-in colored hairstreaks, and try the chic and vibrant hairstyles mentioned above!

Don’t wait any longer! Shop from Diva Divine Hair Extensions & Wigs to experiment with exciting styles without damaging your hair.


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