The Hottest SEO Trends To Leverage In 2023

While the fundamental goals of SEO remain the same, working to raise your rankings in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), how you can achieve this is constantly changing. As Google and other sites adapt their algorithms and the public alter their priorities, you have to evolve with them or risk becoming outdated and obsolete.

If you are working to adapt your SEO strategy for the coming year, these are the hottest trends for you to leverage…

The top trends this year

Your goals year on year for SEO won’t change that much. You are looking to keep up to date with the changes in algorithms, work to reach the top of the SERPs (and stay there), and identify the right keywords to get you there.

In 2023, like every year, there are different trends that will help you to reach your goals, and here we will take a look at the top 5 to get you started…

1. Mobile first and mobile friendly

The time has come when more people are likely to look at your site on their phone than any other device. For those of you who developed their website with desktops and laptops in mind, it is time for a change.

How your pages appear on a mobile is just as, if not more important than how they look on a computer. You need a fast-loading high quality website for both mobiles and computers if you want to succeed in your SEO strategy this year.

2. Voice searches


Whether you are driving, cooking, have your hands full or just prefer to go hands-free, voice searches are hotting up as a trend right now. If you want to make the most out of your SEO strategy, you need to ensure that your product, keywords and content are as appealing on the ears as they are on the eyes.

3. Local SEO


As the environment and supporting small businesses become more important issues for consumers, utilising local SEO is likely to continue to be a rising trend. It is easier to compete with big businesses that bump you to page 15 of the SERPs using popular keywords if you change them to be locally specific.


Focus on city- or region- specific keywords and you can beat out big businesses and attract the right kind of customers to you. More than a third of people who search locally for a product visit a shop the same day, creating not just interest or leads but conversions. You can use your SEO company in Dubai to specifically target customers within a certain radius or region instead of just thinking globally.

4. Author experience


As the most popular search engine in the world, Google and its algorithms deserve all the attention you can pay them. The former E.A.T standard (Expertise, Authority, Trust) has now gained a new E – Experience.


The importance of adapting to these algorithms cannot be overstated. They are what will effectively determine if you are visible to your customers or not, and how relevant and suited to their queries you are. The experience of the author must be considered in your marketing strategy, which brings us nicely on to the next trend we are focusing on, A.I.

5. A.I


In a year like we have already had, it is impossible to talk about SEO trends without mentioning Artificial Intelligence (A.I). There have been strong moves in this kind of technology for a while, but the launch of ChatGPT really started something new.

It is not time to have your content created by A.I – Google’s algorithms make sure of that. However, there are plenty of ways that you can utilise this trend to help with your SEO. You can use it to create short-form content, inspire ideas and help with research.


With all these and more trends to watch out for this year, the right marketing company can help you to evolve and adapt your SEO strategy to make the most out of 2023 today.

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