Things to Consider Before Buying Outdoor Wall Lights

Several factors must be kept in mind when shopping for outdoor lighting and fixtures. Outdoor lighting may enhance curb appeal while providing a safer walkway for family members and visitors. They also offer tremendous benefits in the backyard, making for a lovelier patio. So if you’re considering adding outdoor wall lights, here are all the things you must look at before buying:

Size: The size of your light fixture is important, especially when the design is the primary consideration. If you’re only concerned with the lighting, the actual presence of the fitting is less significant and more practical; thus, the smaller, the better! Your decision to choose a more decorative light will be guided mostly by its appearance, but size should also be considered. When determining the size of a light, consider the area available around it. If the wall light is used alone rather than as part of a pair, it may need to compensate with a size that looks natural rather than artificial. Measuring it is the best approach to determine what is suitable for your outdoor area.

Material: Cast aluminium, brass, and iron are the three primary forms of outdoor lighting materials. Consider the material utilised in your fixture when shopping since it matters a lot. Many lighting fixtures are designed to seem like metal, yet they may not be composed of it.

Besides, quality plastics are pretty durable too. However, they might fade in bright sunlight over time. The finish and colour you choose might impact the product’s longevity since they weather differently. Stainless steel and chrome are common alternatives, but keep in mind that low-cost, budget-conscious designs will utilise low-grade stainless steel that can tarnish with time despite its non-corrosive claim.

Energy Efficiency: Although it is reasonable to expect all-new lighting fixtures to use LEDs, some still use inefficient halogen or fluorescent bulbs. So go for LED whenever you can, since it is still the most energy-efficient light source and is also cost-effective. Consider installing dusk to dawn sensor on your outside lighting circuits to ensure that nighttime lights are not kept on during the day.

Finish: With so many options, spotting the ideal outdoor wall lights may be a little daunting, so an excellent approach to filter down your search is by looking at the finish and its ultimate relevance to your home. When making your selection, consider the finish of other vital items, such as your patio table or outside furniture, and complement any variations in the palette to create a cohesive aesthetic.

Bonus Tip: Any electrical equipment that is likely to contact water or moisture should be rated for different wet locations, primarily if used outside. Any outside box used to hold electrical connections falls under this category too. It is best to pay heed to this aspect when shopping for outdoor lights as it can save maintenance, service or other costs later on.

Summing Up: Lighting plays a vital part in determining a home’s appearance and its exterior areas. Keeping in mind the pointers mentioned above can help you make a good choice. It may be simpler to find lighting if you narrow your style and know exactly why you want specific types of lights (know what objective you have in mind for them). Moreover, don’t forget to understand your lights’ maintenance needs before you set out to get them.

By Mussarat Zafar

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