Things to Do in Woodbridge, Virginia 2022

Things to Do in Woodbridge, Virginia 2022

The historical Woodbridge is home of Rippon Lodge The oldest residence still within Prince William County. Certain attractions could be closed for a short period or require prior reservations. The hours and availability may have changed. Following are the top things you can do in woodbridge, you can also hire car service or limo service to visit these places with your love one.

Leeslyvania State Park

Leeslyvania State Park offers over 500 acres of fishing, camping boats, historical sites and fishing. The park is believed to have been the site in an Algonquian village the General Robert E. Lee’s great-grandfather, Henry Lee II settled there in 1747. It was later the home for Henry Fairfax as well as his son, John Fairfax. In the Civil War, the Freestone Point Confederate Battery was located there and participated in a brief battle against numerous U.S. Navy ships on the 25th of September 1861.

There were no casualties for either side. The only remains from Lee’s Lee house are a corner stone as well as the chimney. It is believed that both Henry Lee II and Henry Fairfax’s graves are located on the property too. The park’s visitors can explore a variety of trails for hiking including group camping, areas for boating and fishing as well as picnic areas with shade and an information center for visitors.

Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge

The Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge is comprised of more than 600 acres of native forest as well as wetlands and grasslands. It is located at the point where it is where the Occoquan as well as the Potomac rivers join. The site was initially used for testing area for the U.S. Ae. More than half the area is covered by wetland.

This is a unique landscape that is a perfect habitat for many species of birds, fish and butterflies. Visitors can explore the refuge along trails specifically designed for biking, hiking or motor vehicles.

Pfitzner Stadium, Woodbridge, Virginia

It was built in 1984. Northwest Federal Field at Pfitzner Stadium is home to the Pfitzner Stadium that plays for the team of minor leagues, The Potomac Nationals. Prior to that, it was known as G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium. Pfitzner Stadium is equipped with an electronic scoreboard that is capable of showing video and images.

The dugouts are situated at the same level as the field, with netting that separates between them and the athletes. In 2016, it was announced it would soon be the brand new stadium built for The Potomac Nationals. There are proposals to tear down the stadium following it is cleared by the Potomac Nationals depart, others want to keep it an athletic complex, which would include BMX bicycle tracks as well as softball fields.

Rippon Lodge, Woodbridge, Virginia

Built over on the Potomac River in 1747 by Richard Blackburn, Rippon Lodge is the oldest standing structure situated in Prince William County, Virginia. Apart from being an agricultural plantation for tobacco and a residence for family members from the Atkinson family for nearly 100 years prior to being purchased and renovated through the judge Wade H. Ellis, an ancestor of Richard Blackburn, the original builder.

Prince William County has since restored the home as well as forty acres of garden, and added the trails that are used for interpretive walks, which are enjoyed by tourists to this day. It also has the Blackburn and Atkinson cemeteries are also on the property.

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