Things You Should Know About Smart Thermostats

With the evolution in technology, many household things are now coming with smart thermostat that can automate your tasks. Smart technology has changed our lives entirely, from smart TV and watches to refrigerators and other applications. And thermostats are no exception to these changes. 

Smart thermostats have crossed the promise of convenience offered by most smart devices, and they actually help you save money on energy bills. This is one of the biggest USPs (unique selling propositions) of smart thermostats that has made it a star of the market. 

Over the past few years, people have realized the impressive benefits of a smart thermostat. With the internet becoming ubiquitous, unlocking the true power of a smart thermostat is no more a hassle.

Claims and truth

There are many companies that claim you can save up to 25% by switching to a smart thermostat, and there is no question about it. But in reality, the amount of energy you can save with smart thermostats depends on a wide array of factors like the type of insulating material used in your house, the size of your house, your pattern of use, and much more.

Most of the claims made by the companies are a result of using the common factors in place. Therefore, don’t be surprised if there is a little bit of change in the actual amount of energy you can save. 

Smart thermostat Vs. Programmable thermostat 

The ability to save energy in the case of a programmable thermostat has always been questioned, especially in comparison to a smart thermostat. And the issue is still prevailing since both kinds of thermostat claim to reduce energy consumption. 

Using the programmable thermostat to reduce energy consumption is an arduous task. It will work only if the person has an extremely predictable weekly schedule. If you don’t have a tight schedule, a smart thermostat is a go-to-go choice for you.

Smart Thermostat know when you are at home 

The thermostat can detect when you are at home and away, and then it can make the required adjustments in the temperature to let you enjoy the comfort without dealing with a spike in the energy bills. 

But if you really want to enjoy this feature and want to let the thermostat know when you are away and at home, you have to connect the smart thermostat to your phone.

You can use separate temperature sensors with smart thermostats

Almost all the homes don’t have a consistent temperature throughout the structure. In most cases, the living rooms are cooler than the living room, and therefore, you can’t use the same temperature setting for all the areas in your house. 

The good news is you can go for separate sensors for every room. Then the smart thermostat can make specific temperature adjustments according to the specific temperature of the different areas in your house. 

In some cases, you will get the extra sensors with the smart thermostat, but if this is not the case, you can simply buy extra sensors as they are not that costly. 

You can keep tabs on energy usage with smart thermostats

You should always take advantage of the energy usage report generated through the app that comes along with the thermostat. By keeping tabs on the energy usage over time, you can understand the main reason behind the spike in energy usage over a specific period. 

The energy usage reports can even give you insights related to the pattern of energy consumption. Thus, you can better understand where the energy in your house is going rather than relying on guesswork. 


There is no question about the energy-saving ability of smart thermostats. Still, it doesn’t mean that the smart thermostat will magically start saving energy from the first day of its installation. You need to use the smart thermostat properly and use the right settings to notice the result over time. 

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