Three ways to identify Instagram Hyde Story

Instagram Hyde Story is one of the new features of Instagram that allows you to hide your story for a person or persons. We spend a few minutes every day on Instagram and sometimes we take photos of our daily lives and share them with our audience. But sometimes we want to hide our story from someone or people so that they cannot see our story. This can be for any reason, sometimes it can be a picture of your personal life that some people do not want to see.

In these cases, you should use the Instagram Hyde Story feature and hide it from some people so that they cannot see your content. To understand how to do an Instagram hyde story, go to the My Member site.

What is Hyde’s Story?

Instagram is always trying to update itself and be able to meet the needs of more users. Not so long ago, Instagram added a feature called Instagram Hyde Story. This feature allowed users to hide their stories from some self-appointed people. Before this feature was introduced, there was no way to hide Steve from some people.

So, users were forced not to publish their content or if it was very important, they were forced to block the user. In the meantime, the Hyde Story feature of Instagram was unveiled, which was very well received. In this article, we are going to tell you how to use Instagram Hyde Story and also teach you how to find out if someone has Hyde Story or not. Stay tuned if you want to know more information about this matter.

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How to hide an Instagram story

There are several ways to hide your Instagram story that are very simple and you can do them easily. By doing these methods, you no longer need to publish your story or block the intended user.

Just select the desired user using hide Instagram story so that he can no longer see the content you have stored. The steps of using Instagram Hyde Story will be explained below, so do not miss the continuation of this article.

 Hide story with Instagram settings

One of the ways of Hyde Story on Instagram is to refer to your account settings, from where you can easily launch the Hyde Story feature of Instagram. Just follow the steps below in order.

First, touch your profile tab at the bottom of the page. Then you can see the three lines at the top of the page. Touch those three lines to move to the menu. Now you have to choose the setting option from the options you see to enter your account settings.

Well, at this stage you will be shown items that include the privacy option. Touch this option. You will be taken to a page where you can see the story option. This section is about your story settings. Click on this option.

A page will be displayed for you, at the top of which is a box called hide story from. Below this box, you can see the phrase people. Select this phrase.

Your contact list will be displayed on a page. Now select the people from whom you want your story to be hidden. If you cannot find them, you can search for their username in the search box.

Finally, touch the up arrow and exit the screen. Your settings were successful.

People who have a blue tick in front of their name mean that your story is hidden from them. Note that to remove someone from this list, you just need to uncheck the box in front of it.

Hyde Story Instagram

Note: If your account is private, your account settings are active for all followers, but if your account is not private, people who do not follow you will not be affected by any of your account settings.

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Hyde Story via the user profile page

As mentioned above, people who do not follow you can see your story because your account is public and your settings are only for people who follow you.

So, what to do in these cases?? We must say that in these cases you do the hyde story through the user profile. Because that user does not follow you, you have to look the other way.

In this way, you have to search for the username of the person in question to find his account. After you find that person’s account, you must log in to his account. If you look at the top of the page, you can see the three-dot symbol.

Click on this icon to be shown a menu. In the menu, you have to select the hide your story option. You will get a message stating that this person can no longer see the content you are posting in your story

You can easily deprive a person who does not follow you from seeing your stories. You can take this person out of Hyde Story mode whenever you want.

Note: It is good to know that the user whom you blocked from viewing your stories with the Instagram Hyde Story feature will not receive any notification or message from Instagram stating that you have blocked that person from seeing your stories.

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Hide Instagram story for one person

When you display a story, you can select the user you want to see your stories from. Note that this person will see your story, but will not be able to view any content you tell in the future. To do this, you must do the following steps.

Open your Instagram and click on the story you published to show you the story. If you look at the bottom of the page, there is an eye icon that shows you the people who visited your story.

Click on this icon and go to your list of hits. Find the person who viewed your story. You can see three dots on the front of this person’s name. Click on these three points.

You will be shown the phrase hide story from the account name. Select this phrase and touch hide in the next window. Then your stories will be hidden forever for the user you specify. You can revert this change to its original state at any time.

How do we know we became Hyde Story?

When someone tells you a hyde story, you have only two ways to find out if that person has hyped you. These are two very simple and easy ways that if you want to know them, join us.

Check the page highlights

The first way you can find out if someone has hyped you is to check out that page’s highlights. You can find out by checking the page’s highlights.

But what is the difference between the highlights of a page that you have hyped and the highlights of a regular page? It is interesting to know that if someone has hyped you, their highlights will not be shown to you and you will not have access to the highlights of that page.

Use the second page to view the story

But the second and last way to find out if a user is hyped is to create a second page. You can see the stories of the desired page imperceptibly by creating a second page. If it has a story that is not displayed on your main page, it means that it has been hyped by you, but if all its stories were the same as the stories on your main page, it means that you have not been hyped and you have access to all the stories on the page. Note that there are only two ways to understand Hyde’s Story, and there is no third way you can follow through. To learn these two ways well.

The final word

This article, Instagram Hyde Story, is another article on My Member that provided you with a complete Hyde Story tutorial for some people. We hope you have been able to learn this feature well and use it on your page if necessary but if you want to know some additional information about how to buy followers click on this link that is here in front of your eyes to buy real Instagram followers.  thank you very much for your warm and sincere support and we hope that you have been able to make the best use of this article.



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