Tips for buying new car tyres

Tyres are one of the most important parts of the car that can show some troublesome acts if not taken into consideration on time. The whole load of the car comes on the tyre and with that load, the tyres also need to move. So the intensity of wear and tear on the car is quite enormous.. After a certain time, there is a requirement to get the car tyres changed. For this, you can look for the best tyre shop or shop tyres online that can revive the working condition of the car and makes its movement smoother than before.

Nowadays in the market, you will tend to see a lot of sizes of car tyres that will suit different cars. If you want to get your car tyres changed.

Here is a list of certain things that you need to keep in mind while buying. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Life of a car tyre

     An important factor that needs to be considered is the life of a car tyre which varies with the size and the brand of tyre. Usually, the small hatchback tyres have a life expectancy of 40,000 kms but sometimes it can touch 50,000 kms. The SUV tyres can manage up to 60,000 kms. Even the life of tyres very much depends upon the compound used. If the tyres are harder, their life is longer but the grip is not very good on the other hand soft tyres have a good grip but don’t last for a very long time. Accordingly, get the car tyre that matches your requirement.

  • Tread pattern

     Different tyres have different driving applications as they have different speed limits, load limits, etc. so the tread patterns also vary with the type of tyres. Mostly tyres have only a single direction and the person cannot swap the tyres in opposite direction during wheel rotation. Just analyze this thing before the purchase of the tyre for your car.

  • Tubeless or tube tyre

    : Nowadays there are two types of tyres available i.e. Tube tyre and tubeless tyre. Both have their pros and cons. Mostly the tubeless tyre is likely to lose air faster in case of a puncture. You can get the air-filled again and take the car to the place where puncture can be fixed. Most people prefer tubeless tyres.

  • Size of the tyre

    Most car manufacturers recommend the size of tyre that needs to be used in the car. The size of the tyre comes with the car. In case the person wants to go for bigger tyres, It is better not to go overboard on the size as bigger tyres have certain working limitations. Get the car tyre size which is good for the working of the car in long run.

According to all these factors, it is quite easy for the person to get the car tyre that will serve the purpose of the car. You can look for the options from the Dubai tyre shop which will provide all the great options in car tyres.


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