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Top 4 Gaming Glass Desks For The Hardcore Gamer

Are you a hardcore gamer? Do you spend hours at a time on your favorite titles? Perhaps you’re a fan of battle royale games like Fortnite or maybe you prefer first-person shooters such as COD. You could even love RPGs. Whatever your poison, it’s important to ensure that you have the right setup. That includes a great gaming desk. The best gaming desk will be robust enough to hold all your gaming equipment, provide plenty of space and offer ergonomic benefits. With this in mind, a glass gaming desk could be a fantastic option. Here are some of the 4 glass gaming desks we recommend for the hardcore gamer. These are all manufactured by our Eureka Ergonomic team at our owned manufacturing plant in China.  

Gaming Desk | GTG-L60 60″ Spectrum Rgb Reversible L Shape Glass, ERK-GD-L60R-B-US 

First, let’s explore the GTG-L60. This desk will provide plenty of space and is one of the largest gaming glass desks we have available. However, thanks to the fact that this is an L-shaped glass desk, it will easily fit into a variety of spaces. It will fit nicely in the corner of a bedroom or could be the focal point of a gaming room.  

The desk is perfect for hardcore games because it is incredibly strong. With a solid carbon steel frame, this desk can hold up to 330lbs. This is more than enough for even the most advanced gaming setup that you can explore.  

The RGB hardware included in the desk also provides an immersive experience, ideal for long sessions that will add a fantastic aesthetic to your gaming environment. You can choose from hundreds of different light setups.  

It even comes with accessories such as a cupholder to keep you well hydrated during intense hours on your favored games.  

Gaming Desk | GTG 43″ Spectrum RGB Glass, ERK-GTG-I43 

Alternatively, you could opt for the GTG 43’’ glass gaming desk. This is more compact and as such is a brilliant option for smaller spaces and rooms with less options. Despite providing a little less surface area, there’s still more than enough room for two medium-sized monitors along with your keyboard and any other accessories you might need.  

It boasts extra features including a controller stand and wire management system to ensure that your desk remains clutter-free. This ensures that you can always find the keys or controller that you need.  

 The robust glass desk is scratch and shatter-resistant. So, even if you are a little rough putting down your controller after a defeat, you won’t have to worry about damaging this desk. It can also hold an impressive 330 lbs.  

Gaming Desk | GTG 47″ Spectrum Rgb Glass Standing Desk, Black, ERK-G47-US 

If you need a little more space, then we recommend that you think about opting for the GTG 47’’. This is also a smart choice if you do suffer from chronic pain after long gaming sessions. That’s a common issue for hardcore gamers and it’s easily solved if you switch between sitting and standing. This glass standing desk for gaming can effortlessly switch between heights between 29 and 48’’. Silent dual motors can easily be controlled and you can view the height or a digital display. It even offers collision detection to ensure that there’s no chance of damaging your gaming equipment.  

This desk is strong enough to support up to 200lbs with a steel frame and thick tempered glass surface. You’ll also be able to choose from different light displays thanks to full surface RGB lights patented technology that is packed into this impressive piece of furniture.  

Gaming Desk | GTG-EVO 55″ Spectrum RGB Computer Case Glass Standing Desk, Black, ERK-GD-I55-B-US 

Or finally, you could choose one of our most powerful and advanced glass desks for gamers. The GTG-EVO 55’’ provides plenty of room and makes the most of the surface space with a built-in computer case. This means that the desk can hold your displays without taking up any room on the desktop. The sleek, black design will fit in with any room design and look incredible. While the RGB lights can add a deeper level of immersion to your gaming experience whenever you decide to switch them on. Choose from hundreds of combinations to find the perfect setup.   

Since this is a standing glass desk, you can also adjust it easily to your height requirements and even save your favorite heights so you can quickly switch the desk to your preferred setup.  

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