Top 5 Compliance Auditing and Risk Management Services for Healthcare Organizations

Compliance Auditing

Health care organizations are not just subject to the same legal and ethical standards as any other organization. They must adhere to specific laws and guidelines governing their industry. This makes compliance auditing particularly important When it comes to health care organizations. Because these institutions must ensure that their employees and patients are in full compliance with applicable standards at all times. Here are five of the best compliance auditing services for health care organizations available today.


1) Medical Device Audit

Companies that manufacture or provide medical devices to physicians required to be in compliance with FDA regulations. Regular audits are a good way to ensure that you meet those compliance standards. These firms can also be good at identifying risk management services in New Hyde Park, NY, when they’re necessary.


2) Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) Compliance Reviews

A recovering audit contractor (RAC) is any Medicare Part A or Part B provider that has been debarred CMS. Providers are subject to RAC reviews if they are no longer authorized to bill. Or submit items and services claims, on behalf of a Medicare beneficiary who was in a hospital, skilled nursing facility (SNF), home health agency (HHA), dialysis facility, or hospice. These providers must undergo an annual compliance review.


3) Medication Error Prevention

One of the main causes of medication errors is miscommunication between hospital staff. Whether it be using archaic methods or communication that does not stay within hospital walls, understanding compliance auditing is a vital service for all health care organizations. Once a problem pinpointed, risk management services work to correct it through technology or training sessions.


4) Education & Training Programs

Training often cited as a critical component to mitigating risk, ensuring compliance with government regulations, and improving management processes. When it comes to health care compliance auditing, many organizations lack comprehensive training programs that would allow employees at all levels to understand their role in risk management.


5) Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) Audits

If you’re serving Medicare patients, chances are your facility is on a short list of those subject to MAC audits. To ensure you’re in compliance with health care regulations, it’s important to have a reliable third-party risk management service audit your organization on an annual basis. This can help make sure you remain eligible for reimbursement by identifying potential pitfalls before they turn into violations or fines. Third-party auditors will also ensure that you’re meeting all requirements regarding patient privacy and security. How was the information?

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