Top 7 Warning Signs You Need To Replace Your Mattress

A natural mattress is a comfortable base on to rest your back on. But nothing makes you feel more annoyed after waking up and realizing you have gotten a backache as a result of a mattress that has been used up completely and does not support your body as it used to. It is therefore quite important that before your mattress takes to such serious measures against you, and causes you some medical unfitness, you take the earliest warnings seriously and replace your mattress. 

Here are seven warnings that your mattress signal at you to hint at its resignation from its service to you. 

It is Not Insomnia That does not Let You Sleep, But Your Mattress 

If you used to be someone who would sleep as soon as jumping onto the bed, but cannot do that anymore despite having no changes in your routine, it is a signal from your bed furnishing which needs renovation. The mattress is the first thing that you should look up to change. A mattress can at most provide you with comfortable sleep for five years but not more than that. You should also check your other habit, like your screen time, or any stress that may not let you sleep. In case you find that everything is under your control but still, you cannot sleep, it is time to change your mattress. 

Waking Up Sneezing, and Getting Flu?

We cannot deny that mattresses are the perfect haven for dust allergens to reside in. Though you may have protective coverings and advanced technology to defend yourself against harmful pathogens the question is for how long? Once they penetrate your mattress, you are bound to wake up with allergies and unable to continue your day with any level of productivity. 

In such a case, either you should buy a new mattress or at least make sure you have a good air purifying system that could help sanitize the atmosphere of your room. Moreover, you should also expose your mattress to sunlight as it helps kill pathogens. Find out more about super king mattresses online by visiting Sleep Republic.

Uncomfortable Sleep

Do you remember the story of the princess who slept on 100 mattresses with a tiny pea grain placed beneath those mattresses? She could not sleep because of the discomfort caused by such a tiny grain. Though your mattress may not have a grain beneath it its condition could cause disturbance to your sleep and you would wake up tired. When you start feeling like your sleep efficiency is being affected, you got to change your mattress.

The Sagginess of The Mattress Has Increased

With time and the use of the mattresses, the quality of the springs present in the foam deteriorates. This leads to increased sagginess. When you lie on your mattress, you feel like it is drowning you in it and pulling you to itself. This is sagginess. And it is a warning from your mattress that it might be time to look for better alternatives. 

Every time You turn, You Hear Your Mattress Groan

When mattresses are reaching their retirement age, they tend to do this often. Every time you turn or switch sides, you hear creaky loud noises. It is the cry of the mattress that is asking you to shift it to the storehouse. 

The Quality has Dropped Significantly Since the Time You had Bought It

If you feel like you had bought a hard mattress, and it has become firmer than it was, or too soft that can be labelled as sagginess, it is another indication that the has given up. You can also see the edges of the foam which might give an appearance of being torn away, or as if someone has scratched them with nails. The inside material might be hanging out through the edges. All of these are heralding a message to buy a new mattress. 

You Are Getting Good Sleep Elsewhere

When you start noticing that you can sleep well on the couch than on the it, it is also a sign that the quality of the mattress has been compromised now and it is high time to get a new one. Why would one not get enough sleep in bed than on the couch or maybe at a friend’s house? Seems like the worn-out mattress is the cause. 


These are all the warning signs that you need to take seriously. A good is a good way to ensure a healthy sleeping pattern. Ultimately a good sleep ensures a calm state of mind and gives you the focus to work on the rest of the activities of the day reducing your stress levels as well as providing resistance against physical obstacles. Therefore, if you notice any of these signs you should change yours as soon as possible. You can also take a trial test from the companies and ensure which suits you with favorable results. 

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