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The Himalayas have fascinated us with its majestic mountain ranges and infinity of ranges since the dawn of time. A stunning kaleidoscope of scenery from meadows, to frozen lakes and rivers, the Himalayas have everything. It is a state located in Himachal Pradesh blessed with this breathtaking beauty and the divine awe of the mountains. The trekkers from all over India hold an exclusive space in their minds when they go on treks through Himachal Pradesh. Here are a few trekking routes in Manali that take the visitor to a completely different world,

Solang Valley-Beas Kund Trek

It is a two-day adventure starting from Manali from Manali to Beas Kund Beas Kund, which is the site of the birth for the Beas river. The trek traverses Solang Valley which is a starting to start the hike. The total distance is 16kms from Manali. There are also magnificent mountains that include Pir Panjal Hanuman Tibba, Deo Tibba from the top. The highest altitude you’ll reach is 12,772 feet. The summit terrain comprises meadows, forests patches, streams that run in the path, and some snow, if you’re fortunate. Campers can stay close to the lake near the summit. The Trek is relatively easy and can be completed by both professionals and amateur trekkers.

Bhrigu Lake Trek

The Bhrigu lake lies between mountain ridges, at 14000 feet altitude. The trek offers picturesque views of Pir Panjal’s ranges and the snow-covered Pin Parvati mountains. The hike takes between 5 and 6 hours in one direction, covering a distance of 12-14 kilometers. There are two routes for this trek. One is from Kulang and the other one from Gulaba. The trek is moderate and offers stunning panoramas of lush valleys below. There are no stores along the trail therefore you’ll need to take all the necessary items for camping. In winter, camping is not advised due unstable weather conditions and landslide vulnerable regions. However, the lake during winter is frozen.


Jibhi is located in the close proximity to Tirthan Valley, which is located in the Banjaur region. The area is bordered by trees and waterfalls. Jibhi village is well-located for trekkers who want to take in Jalori Pass, Jibhi waterfall, Serolsar Lake, Choi waterfall. If you’re seeking a relaxing tranquil, serene trek, Jibhi is the ideal spot. The tiny and compact homes located at the top of the hill give the feeling of a warm mountain retreat. It is situated 103 kilometers away from Manali. It is a quiet hike close to Manali in contrast to the rough and adrenaline-filled treks like Deo Tibba or Chanderkhani pass.

Manali-Prini Panduropa Trek

This is a brief one day hike. The trek can begin from Manali and Prini and finish in Panduropa that is about 15-16 kilometers away. It will take less than six hours to complete. When you arrive at Panduropa it is possible to camp outside in the fields and sheep. Himalayan Igloo point is one place to take a picture en route Panduropa that is only 9 minutes of walking. There are hot water springs in the vicinity of 8 kms of this point and Bhrigu lake that is located just 3 kms away. The hike is easy and has open valleys meadows, lakes, meadows etc on the way.

Hampta Pass

Hampta pass trek reveals the the wonders of Himachal Pradesh, its cuisine, people and stunning landscape. The trail covers around 30kms of open meadows and a gushing Chenab river, and the roaring high peaks of Pir Panjal. The hike lasts for about seven days, during which you see pine forests and Chandratal Lake. The hike is easy and you will need a tour guide if are a moderate trekker. Stay the night at Chandratal Lake at 14,000 ft in the clear night sky remembering the days gone by and return to Manali on the next day via Rohtang pass. The ideal time for this trek is from August to March. Avoid travel during monsoons since the terrain can be slippery. There is no way that elegant hotel rooms can give breathtaking views of snow-covered skies high mountains with a bed of blossoms and grass, and an endless sky.


Himachal Pradesh has always been a paradise for trekkers as well as travelers. Some other famous treks include: Jari-Malana Trek Chanderkhani Pass, Deo TIbba, Bijli Mahadev Trek, Lamadugh Trek etc. A trekking trip to Himachal Pradesh will always be a good option to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. The people are awe-inspiring, their culture and pure simplicity of the area can take your troubles away. The state is blessed with only the natural beauty, snowy mountains, an enviable climate, and an abundance of maggie.


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