Top Nighttime Activities in Melbourne


When we travel to a new city, we want to see its beauty both during the day and night. While daytime activities may seem to be the most appealing, your plan should also include popular nighttime activities. Melbourne has two distinct personalities, one that is visible during the day and the other that comes alive at night. On that note, Melbourne has a lot to offer especially if you’re an adventurer at heart and love trying new things.

Head to Eureka Skydeck

The best way to embark on your Melbourne adventure is to visit the Eureka Skydeck first. If you want to see the city from the 88th floor and you aren’t afraid of heights, prepare yourself for an amazing experience. This unique experience will take you almost 300 metres up high. You can head there to see the sunset or try The Edge. The Edge is special because it’s a glass cube that offers 360-degree views of Melbourne.

Visit a comedy show

A comedy show at one of Melbourne’s comedy venues is a nice way to unwind after The Edge experience at Eureka Skydeck. There are several comedy venues you can visit and laugh your heart out. Spleen Bar Melbourne, Local Laughs or Lido Comedy are the best places to hear and watch a comedy show. Each play has a different schedule so you can research them beforehand and plan a night at the comedy bar in advance.

Nighttime kayaking adventure

If you’re a fan of water sports, and you want to try something popular that also happens during the night, there’s an activity for that in Melbourne. If you love kayaking, you might enjoy a nighttime kayaking tour. This kayaking tour is also referred to as the moonlight kayaking tour and it takes place on the Yarra River. You can watch the sunset over the river or depart in time for the most amazing starry night and moonlight.

Neon street art tour

For those who are on the constant lookout for the most Instagrammable places in Melbourne, you should wander the streets on the hunt for the most amazing street art. Melbourne is rich in street art, amazing murals and colourful walls which are all over t6he city. There’s a particularly popular tour taking place in Melbourne, and it’s known as the Neon street art spotting. You will get a chance to see beautiful neon spots at night, take amazing shots and enjoy 40 different locations.

Enjoy the nightlife

You can plan a night off during your Melbourne stay and simply wander the streets.  Your path will take you to one of many cocktail bars orpopular Melbourne brothels. The richness of Melbourne’s nightlife will satisfy even those with the finest of tastes. If you’re in the mood for cocktails, there are many rooftop bars and also hidden bars. Whatever you decide to do, remember to have a good time.

Hop on a ghost tour

If you’re curious by nature, you should give yourself a chance to hear some of Melbourne’s notorious ghost stories. The place for this particular experience is the old Melbourne Gaol. This old place is famous for its history and dark stories surrounding it. During this one-hour tour, you’ll hear more about its history ever since it was built in the 1800s. Just remember that this tour takes place during the night so if you’re lighthearted you might want to hold a hand for support during the walkthrough.

Go to a night market

Well, you can’t visit Melbourn without spending some time at Queen Victoria Market. This venue is particularly popular at night because it offers a variety of options and it has something for everyone. You can shop, eat, and watch amazing artists until you drop. Nights at Queen Victoria Market are often themed, so it might be wise to check out the schedule before you visit Melbourne. This way you’ll plan your night at the market in advance, so you won’t miss out on it.

Take a ride at the Melbourne Star

If you want to try an activity surrounded by romantic vibes, take a ride at the Melbourne Star. The view at night is simply spectacular because you’ll get to experience the beauty of Melbourne at night. The ride lasts around thirty minutes and you can also drink some wine or champagne during the ride. There are different additional packages, depending on your taste and budget.

These eight ideas will fill your nights in Melbourne with fun and amazing experiences. Just remember to check which one of these has to be booked in advance so you’ll plan your visit accordingly.

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