Top tips for attracting new customers to your bar

Top tips for attracting new customers to your bar

There are several methods to draw in more customers to your bar. Word-of-mouth, recurring events, and influencer marketing are just a few. Creating an excellent social media presence is essential as many people check out restaurants and bars online before going out. Create accounts on major social networks and update your posts regularly. Favourably present your bar. Make your bar a regular destination and hold recurring events to attract new customers.

Influencer marketing

Using social media to promote your bar can be highly beneficial. You can reach a younger crowd by using social media as a marketing platform. For instance, you can use a social media platform like TikTok for advertising your bar. These short-form videos are often hilarious and provide tremendous opportunities for creative content. By collaborating with influencers with similar interests and demographics, you will have an even more incredible opportunity to get more exposure.

A blog is another effective way to generate buzz. In addition to promoting the bar’s food and drink, it allows you to showcase the expertise of your bar’s staff. For example, if you’ve got a blog, you can work with local food bloggers and write content for their readers. While your blog may be casual, you can include fascinating stories about your bar and the cuisine they serve. In addition, you can also use a dedicated newsletter to build a following and promote your bar.


A positive online presence is a must for your bar. People will recommend your business if they enjoy what they’ve tasted. The best bar marketing ideas combine creativity and marketability. Offering new menu items can have excellent results when combined with marketable events. Another effective tactic is the use of bouncebacks. While this method might not be as effective as marketing through social media, it can help attract new customers by ensuring that loyal customers are aware of the new menu items. Besides, bouncebacks can be automated, especially if you offer specific food and drink items or a special signature drink.

Recurring events

One of the most effective recurring events for attracting new customers to your bar is a themed night at Uptown Social Kitchen and Bar. People come to bars for various reasons, including to relieve stress or to relax after a long day at work. Themed nights not only appeal to people who enjoy the theme, but they can also boost sales. For example, Rack Bar and Grill organises themed nights for various customers, from salsa lovers to people who like to play trivia. Themes also help you attract a new customer base by giving customers a unique experience.

Another great recurring event is a beer festival. It is a great way to cross-market with local businesses and promote the beer and wine region. For example, organising a beer festival in your area will allow you to create unique and fun events for your customers. Another way to cross-market is to sponsor events in your community. You can gain exposure while cross-marketing with local businesses by participating in local events.


Consider using the latest upselling techniques to attract new customers to your bar. According to Cornell University research, cocktails with vivid descriptions increase sales by 27%. And if you’re not sure which drinks to offer, try linking the menu to local sports teams, weather, or news stories. This way, your customers will be exposed to new offerings and be more likely to spend more money. It also helps to get the staff on board by providing incentives, such as attractive bonuses and sales targets.

The best way to attract new customers to your bar is to make the current ones happy. They will become your brand ambassadors and promote your bar on social media, bringing new visitors to your bar. Upselling will pay off when you pair a good alcoholic beverage with excellent service. However, it can cost you more than you think. A successful marketing strategy will be combined with good service and good service.

Sponsoring local events

Sponsoring local events can help create an atmosphere that appeals to potential customers and promotes loyalty among existing customers.

Sponsoring local events is a great way to promote your business in a more personal way. These events will attract younger crowds. If you have a pub in a community, sponsor a women’s event and send out a special offer to women clients.

You can organise competitions by name or hashtag. The more followers you have, the more visible your bar will become. You can even organise sporting events for pay-per-view or live. Using the bar’s colours, you can organise trivia contests or predict game results. You can offer special promotions during playoff games. Whether you want to participate or not, you can promote your bar with the help of local influencers and organisations. They have a large fan base, and people listen to what they say.

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