Top Tips For Customizing Your Home Shower

Top Tips For Customizing Your Home Shower

One of the most common bathroom mistakes is not planning enough for the home shower. People often underestimate the power of a good shower. But there are ways to improve the experience, regardless of your budget. Below are some ideas to help you plan your bathroom shower. Cool colors are a good compromise between dark and light shades, and you can also install framed mirrors to reflect light. Another helpful idea is to install an exposed pipe system, which allows you to move the showerhead. Finally, installing a fan in your bathroom will improve ventilation.

Cool colors are a happy medium between very bright and very dark colors

To achieve a calming, spa-like atmosphere in a bathroom, use cool colors and a bath screen seal. Cool colors are not too dark and not too bright, and these shades are considered a happy medium between bright and dark. Pictures of finished home showers may be a great source of inspiration. 

Warm and cool colors have different meanings. Warm colors inspire heightened emotions, while cool colors calm you and promote relaxation. Warm colors evoke memories of distant places, while cool colors make you feel calm and meditative. They are ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms. Cool colors may be too intense for an intimate space, but they will create a soothing environment.

Framed mirrors reflect light

Consider using framed mirrors to add decorative flair when customizing your home shower. There are many different types, ranging from simple forms to ornate masterpieces. The bigger and more ornate the mirror, the heavier it will be. Choosing a bold mirror should be your main focal point. The black frame contrasts with the off-white palette, while the shadow cast by the mirror balances the lighter shade of the sink.

Choose a framed mirror that reflects light and enhances your bathroom’s ambiance. Glass and mirrors are versatile and ideal when customizing your home shower. 

Adding a fan to the bathroom boosts ventilation

Adding a fan to the bathroom boosts the ventilation in your bathroom. Typically, building regulations call for a fan to exchange full air five times per hour. However, most contractors recommend buying a fan with at least eight CFM. To determine the optimal size of the fan, use a calculator. Multiply the fan’s cubic feet per minute capacity by its square footage. After you have your measurements, choose a fan that matches your square footage and your budget.

To make the bathroom more airtight, install a wall-mounted exhaust fan. This fan will help to replace exhaust air, and its size depends on the space of the bathroom. 

Adding a steam shower

Adding a steam shower to your home is a great way to give your shower an upgraded, luxurious feel. You can retrofit an existing shower or transform it into a steam-friendly one. Steam can permeate cracks and crevices to give your shower an elevated experience. Even claw-foot bathers can benefit from a steam shower, which is perfect for relaxation. Moreover, it also helps increase home sales.

In addition to its health benefits, steam can be good for your skin. It helps open pores and makes perspiration run freely. It reduces pimples and blackheads. The warm steam can even soften hair follicles, reducing the possibility of razor burn. A steam shower will add value to your home if you want to sell it at a later date. But before you install a steam shower in your bathroom, read up on some of the benefits of steam showers.

Adding a wet room

Adding a wet room to your bathroom can be an excellent idea if you’re in the market for a new bathroom. The layout of a wet room will depend on the plumbing in your house. Make sure you place the sink as far away from the shower as possible. It would be best to consider choosing a wall-mounted sink, pedestal, or console. Wall-mounted sinks are space-saving options. When choosing the right sink, you can consider adding a walk-in shower to give yourself more space. And if you’re in a tight space, you can get a vanity with a wet area!

A wet room is essentially a fully waterproof bathroom. The shower area is flush with the rest of the floor, so water drains away quickly. A waterproof membrane prevents runaway water from damaging the rest of the house. A wet room is often completely tiled, so you won’t have to install a shower enclosure. Still, many people choose a glass screen to reduce the splashing and spray.

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