Top Websites to Sell Photos Online in 2022

Top Websites to Sell Photos Online in 2022

Are you a friend who is known for his commendable photography skill? It does not matter if you are a an amateur or a professional photographer, you can still make money from it by selling your photos on different websites.

Thankfully, the technology has advanced to the point that now you get various opportunities to generate an extra flow of cash by simply making money off of your amazing talent. You don’t even need a professional camera for it. To sell your photos online, you will be needing a decent smartphone with a great-quality camera, photo editing skills, photo-taking knowledge, and of course, a reliable internet connection like the one delivered by Spectrum.

If you are serious about making money by reaching your audience and selling pictures online, then you must have your hands on a connection that does not involve network outages. You cannot afford to risk your passive income, especially in the midst of this inflation. Therefore, we recommend you visit Spectrum Internet Ofertas (for Spanish speakers) and pick any plan that suits you the best so you can finally get down to business and face no issues uploading the pictures.

Now that you know which things you will be needing, let us walk you through the websites you can use to sell your photos online.

1.  Alamy

Alamy is one of the most popular stock photography websites, which is originally from Britain but has gained attention across the world. Every photographer who is looking for testing the waters should check out this website. Alamy is as old as digital photography, and this is probably why it is one of the most trusted websites.

In addition to this, Alamy is widely known for its diverse collection of pictures. You can find over 125 million images, videos, vectors, and panoramic photos. When it comes to selling pictures, you will not have any trouble finding your specific niche because it caters to every possible thing. Moreover, Alamy has an app called Stockimo, which you can download on your iPhone and sell selfies to make more money.

As a contributor to this platform, you can get paid every month and the whole process of payment is pretty straightforward. You don’t even have to sign any contracts for it.

2. Shutterstock

One of the easiest platforms out there, Shutterstock is known for providing a trusted platform to all its users who have collectively earned over a billion dollars by selling their photos on this platform. Although the site can be a great source of income for beginners you cannot expect to earn a significant amount from it.

In this regard, you can earn 30% per sale on Shutterstock and if you refer to other photographers or bring more customers to the site, then you can end up getting more rewards. It has a Contributor app for you to upload pictures and keep a track of the progress you make on each of your sales.

On the whole, Shutterstock is a great platform with opportunities to earn money and also for getting top-notch quality content.

3. Getty Images

Getty Images was founded back in 1995 and this makes it one of the oldest platforms for stock photographs. Another platform called iStock is a microstock photography branch of Getty Images. However, unlike Getty Images, iStock has not bought a Rights Managed License.

To become part of the Getty Images contributor, you are required to send in six images. Afterward, this platform checks if the material provided by you is up to the standards of both iStock and Getty or not.

Once you are allowed to become a contributor, you can earn up to 20% commission from each of your photos. This website allows you to sell your photos for hundreds of dollars, which means you can make a significant profit from it.

4. Etsy

Etsy is a great online platform in general but when it comes to selling your photography skill, then Etsy can come quite in handy. It is also quite easy to get started with this site. It only takes away 5% of the transaction price while offering you umpteen benefits either as a professional or an amateur.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that Etsy is not popularly known as a stock photos platform. People typically use this online store for other things. But there is no risk in giving it a solid shot.

To Sum Up

Not everyone gets to turn their passion into a career but now you can. With these abovementioned platforms, you can earn a handsome amount from photography and be as creative as you want. So, check out these websites and start making money in your sleep.

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