Daihatsu Xenia/Toyota Avanza & Veloz debuts in Indonesia, the first vehicle on the DNGA-B platform!


With the opening of the 2021 Indonesia Motor Show, Daihatsu also brought a new world premiere. The new third-generation 7-passenger compact MPV XENIA. It is the first comprehensive facelift in 18 years and under the B-Segment platform of the DNGA framework. It makes itself the second DNGA model in Indonesia. The importance of this model is indescribable, as the Vios and Yaris models for the Southeast Asian market will also be built on the same architecture and even the new Toyota B-Segment car that is likely to enter production in Taiwan in two years’ time. Of course, as part of the Toyota Group, Xenia will also continue to be an OEM supplier for the Toyota brand in South East Asia in the future, with the third generation of the Toyota Avanza 2022/Toyota Veloz 2022 model being launched on the same day!

Toyota Veloz 2022

The Xenia comes to the markets in 2004 as the first model for development. It is jointly with Toyota as part of the U-IMV program (Under IMV) and Toyota Veloz 2022. It modifies the unladen beam structure previously used on models. For example the Innova into a unique semi-integral body structure (with beams). Despite its compact dimensions for a B-Segment, it has a spacious interior with seating for seven adults in three rows. And its low price has made it easy for Indonesian consumers to buy.

The Xenia is the first full revision in 18 years. Due to the improvement of Indonesia’s infrastructure and the consumers’ desire, Daihatsu decided to scrap the previous front engine. It is a rear-wheel-drive semi-integral body structure (with beams) and replace with a DNGA-B platform. With the change to front-wheel drive and front McPherson and rear torsion beams, the interior space is significantly larger.

The exterior design is a continuation of the “DN MultiSix” design language. Thus, the car has moved away from the old commercial vehicle look and become more of a young family MPV package. People can see Rocky-derived hardcore design language everywhere. The interior design is also more family-oriented, with a central screen displaying entertainment information (Android Auto/Apple Carplay) and the use of materials in a passenger car class. The front seat, the second row, and even the third row are aiming at lounging in the car! The car offers everything you need, from a 7″ center screen console to a 9″ center screen console, climate control, Push-Start button, front and rear steering wheel, audio playback buttons, and many more.

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