UI Testing Automation: Best Practices

UI Testing Automation: Best Practices

In the last a few years, I even have detected varied engineers from totally different comes build a fuss concerning the dependability and irresponsibleness of UI testing. however American state sure} they honestly that risky? Genuinely assume me, they’re not! It’s plain that UI testing could be a tough and tough journey that may be full of varied holes. during this post, I’ll gather and describe many UI testing best practices for developing sturdy and property UI testing.

1. Don’t rely solely on UI checking

One amongst the primarily counseled practices you ought to bear in mind initially – don’t to rely upon UI test automation exclusively. continuously detain mind that high-level tests ought to solely be used because the third protection protect, to spot any residual faults that were incomprehensible by the previous 2 levels.

2. Contemplate utilizing a BDD framework

Foremost, BDD could be a technique that helps team members apprehend one another, establishing sturdy at intervals and around team cooperation. By developing your tests mistreatment BDD you furthermore may generate specs that may assist your team members perceive tests and objectives far better. this means that at the side of formulating your tests, you’re providing clear testing documentation. This guarantees you don’t waste different team members’ time United Nations agency might perform on your tests later, still as your own time, since you don’t got to justify and assist with such tests if they’re confusing.

Second, BDD permits the Business finish as an example Project managers to grasp these tests. This offers additional price to testing since they will build suggestions supported business blessings.

Third, BDD typically encourages you to adopt a rigid code structure strategy, that helps forestall code duplication. this can be done by having separate parts referred to as steps or actions this might be the foundations for your tests.

3. Continuously use check style patterns and ideas

A style pattern could be a reusable answer for an everyday prevalence in software package style. we have a tendency to could argue that each motif could be a specific case of a concrete answer for a selected issue, freelance of the programming or paradigm. style principles square measure Associate in Nursing addition to style patterns. style principles provide you with recommendations or pointers that you’ll got to adhere to for developing properly designed and maintained software package. whereas patterns apply for specific things, the look principle applies despite circumstance.

4. Unless there square measure special check wants, NEVER use Thread. sleep().

Despite the quality of any on-line application, this can be a golden guideline that you just should follow. Sleep or precise timeout is additionally referred to as the Thread. sleep() perform and analogs prohibit your check thread for the particular range of seconds given. In different terms, it permits you to suspend your testing. Why would you need such a feature?

The behavior of on-line applications is influenced by a spread of variables, as well as network speed, system capabilities, and therefore the gift strain on application servers. as a result of all of those variables, it’s not possible to anticipate however long it’ll want open an explicit page or on-line part. As a result, you’ll would like to incorporate a timeout and halt script analysis process for at minimum a given length of your time.

5. Don’t perform ALL tests on ALL target browsers at identical time.

This rule’s basic premise is that playing all tests across all target browsers is repetitive and pointless. we have a tendency to should clearly outline what we would like to accomplish by conducting our tests across several browsers. the first aim of this operation is to try and do browser compatibility testing, that ensures that the applying runs properly on all compatible platforms.

However ought to we have a tendency to perform all of the checks on all browsers to verify that? Not. A restrict check suite could do browser compatibility testing, which has tests that interact with all website parts and run all of the core processes a minimum of once. If you don’t learn the way to handle this properly, your UI testing can ne’er be stable.

6. Keep your tests break free your automatic testing framework.

You want to lookout of the structure of your framework for it to be maintain. Structure refers to however you organize your code. the basic concepts square measure straightforward: you ought to expressly segregate your checks from the practicality of your test automation framework. to place it in a different way, each category within the checks subdivision ought to represent a test website, and each perform of those categories ought to be a check.


Our review and testing team is unmatch within the go after programming flaws all told parts and components of a software package application. we have a tendency to use UI testing best practices. Defects square measure tracked all told areas: practicality, accessibility, efficiency, security, computer programme, back-end, and front-end. No-fault could escape the eye of Saffrontech’s testers. be a part of many our happy purchasers and be assure within the quality of your software package.


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