Ultimate Facts to Know About Teeth Reshaping

Teeth Reshaping

Improve the smile appearance with tooth reshaping. It boosts the self-esteem level makes you feel better regarding your dental health. People may use braces for smile transformation yet reshaping is much better option.

Also known as teeth contouring, this cosmetic and cost-efficient option is not for every dental patient with flawed smile. So, we think to share an idea on contouring and reshaping of teeth through this post.

What are teeth reshaping?

The process is called odontoplasty! It is affordable and convenient dentistry procedure to fix cracked, misaligned, uneven and chipped tooth. The painless as well as fast process comprises of removal of enamel to some extent for lengthening and reshaping the tooth. For delivering the desirable shape, dentist also uses tooth-coloured resin to bond, mould and harden on the teeth surface.

Who is suitable to opt for teeth reshaping?

Tooth reshaping corrects subtle and minor dental imperfections. Therefore, it is not suitable to use any major dental problem. So, in case of severe misalignment, crookedness and overlapping it dentist will suggest braces over any other cosmetic solution.

You must have healthy gums and teeth to be eligible for teeth reshaping. The process involves removal of enamel to some extent. You are not suitable candidate if there is infected pulp, unhealthy gum or decayed teeth in your mouth.

Cons of teeth reshaping

It is better process as there is no involvement of healing time. So, dentist doesn’t need to use any numbing agent as well. In many cases, dentist can carry out the full process in single visit. Besides bringing subtle dental changes it alleviates the expenses of braces significantly.

Based on work amount needed in an individual’s case the dentist determines the cost. Being in the cosmetic dentistry, the insurance provider may not cover its expense. But they will cover the cost when reshaping is necessary for correcting any dental trauma and injury. If necessary, dentist can remove enamel too leaving you to experience sensitivity to extreme cold or heat.

In what way it works

Aftercare tips for teeth reshaping bonding and tooth reshaping is the outstanding way for improving appearance and shape of the teeth. But, proper aftercare is vital to retain the outcome in the long run. In this case, the dentist will help you in every possible way.

If the dentist makes use of bonding agent then they will harden it right after the process. However, still there is a pale chance of cracking or chipping of resin material. You have to avoid chewing gums, eating on hard foods and biting the nails to reduce the risk to some extent.

After bonding, you are at risk of discolouration and hence brush the teeth twice for avoiding teeth stain. Also lower down having of drinks and foods inducing stains on the teeth like red wine and coffee.

It has no downtime for reshaping yet you can experience mild sensitivity which will subside down naturally after a day.


Misaligned, cracked and chipped tooth lowers down the self-esteem level. As a result you won’t feel comfortable to smile in public anymore. Dental work comprises of correction of numerous problems and you have to pay more for the processes.

Tooth reshaping is cost-efficient option to enhance your smile appearance. Although it is not suitable for each patient yet you must know its advantages and disadvantages in better way.

By undergoing teeth contouring in London you can address numerous cosmetic issues like misalignment, teeth length and small chips. On the basis of enamel and teeth health, dentist can recommend any other process for improving your dental health as well.

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