Unique Small Business Packaging Ideas

Businesses thrive because of their innovation and uniqueness. This starts from the products themselves to the presentation/ packaging and eventually marketing strategies. One of the cores of a successful business is proper packaging. The package should always appear attractive and enticing enough to lure the potential customer to the product. 

Sometimes, products with excellent value are left on shelves because they are not impressive to look at. Therefore, small businesses, and businesses of any nature, should pay attention to how they pack their products. This article explores some of the unique ideas that companies use or can pick to help them have products that stand out. Keep reading to uncover more. 

Customized Packaging 

Well, this is a technique that works with most products. For example, if you pack products like THC Vape pen or nutritious bars for a client ordered from your online store, include a few features that will make them feel special. This may mean tastefully packaging the product. A good example would be to use branded packaging materials that represent your company.  

In addition to that, you should also include a card or tag message that introduces your company and its products and appreciates the customer for choosing you. While this packaging will not be cheap, it is worth it if you are a premium product. It makes sure that the impact is felt, and the customer will certainly not forget you or your product in a hurry.  

The goal is to leave a lasting first impression as this is likely to get you more wins than losses. After all, customized packaging will also indirectly market your company or business and could potentially win you more customers through referrals.  

Printed Stock Packaging 

This is the second-best alternative packaging with a custom touch. This works best for larger shipments that will be in more giant boxes. You still have an opportunity to print your company’s logo on the box to give it a personal/ customized touch. Just make sure the logo or company details are printed on the conspicuous side of the box. This could be on the top part of the box or the front side where everyone can see.  

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You could play around with creativity and choose a font or eye-catching format. The goal is to advertise your business subtly without making it too obvious. You never know who may be interested, so you better do a good job. Invest in a good logo design and use a reliable graphic designer if you have to. After all, this is part of your business branding. 

Use Exterior Logo Stickers 

Whether you use boxes or simple paper packages to pack the products you will be shipping to customers, never forget the personal touch that makes your business stand out. What’s more, you do not have to go all out with customization to achieve this goal. Simple exterior logo stickers also work well, especially for small packages. This provides a cost-effective branding alternative for growing businesses.  

The stickers are only added to the packaged items, thus saving time and resources. Besides that, this is also a versatile way of branding your packages. The stickers fit into everything, including mugs, boxes, paper packages, and everything else you can think of as a package. This level of versatility is unique and a great and efficient way of branding your business. Just be careful to make your business unique and non-identical to competing businesses. 

Offer Cards and Thank You Notes 

One of the oldest and most traditional ways of packaging products is to include notes. These could be thank-you notes and offer cards communicating a specific message to the package recipient. It does not matter how you package the product as long as there is an additional touch. Most customers will come back for more if they feel they were attended to personally.  

Nouri printer box 

Such cards and notes make customers feel special and will communicate a message that you care about their needs and appreciate their indulgence. Human beings love to be appreciated, and any effort you make towards this will go a long way. Be creative with your cards, too, and make sure they represent a touch of your business too. 

Theme Packaging 

This option works well for small businesses that keep changing their packaging. If the products you sell keep changing shape and size, then a themed packaging would be ideal. You could consider going by seasons or choosing different types of themes. The exciting thing about this type of packaging is that it adds an element of excitement and uniqueness to the whole process.  

Choose a consistent theme-changing strategy and make sure your customers know it. You can always communicate what is going on in your company at the time, depending on the themes you use on your packages. It is a subtle way of communicating and marketing too. 

Eco-Friendly Packaging 

You can choose to be the eco-friendly business that supports and protects the environment by adopting eco-friendly packaging. This could be using biodegradable materials if disposed of or packed with reusable materials that recipients can reuse.  

Whatever you go for depends on the affordability and your business products. The stage of your business may also determine whether you choose the expensive or more affordable eco-friendly options. The good news is that there are so many options one could go for.  

Sometimes eco-friendly packaging options are not as expensive as we assume. They could be DIYs or simply choosing to use eco-friendly options such as switching from plastic tapes to eco-friendly ones. Be creative and open-minded with this, and you will be surprised. 

Simple Canvas Bags 

Some products are best packed in canvas bags. A good example would be cosmetics such as DIY bar soaps and edibles. Decide what canvas bags work best and have them branded with your company’s logo and details. These can be unique and will impress your customers.  

Choose colors that best represent your business and have them in sizes that match the product. You can hardly go wrong with canvas bags because they offer versatility and uniqueness. 

Final Thoughts 

The packaging does not have to be a complicated process for business owners. All one has to do is think outside the box. Make sure to choose an option that works for your business and does not compromise on quality standards. Most of the packaging only requires a bit of creativity regardless of whether you settle for the expensive or cheaper options. Think outside the box and try different packaging styles until you find what works for your business. 


By Mussarat Zafar

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