What are the different types of flooring and its cleaning methods?

Renovating an established office or shifting to a new space means that it is time to focus on the interiors. For any commercial property, interior design is a crucial aspect. The way your office appears has a deep effect on the way your clientele will think of you. As a result, some property owners hire interior designers while others prefer to do it all by themselves. 

When we talk about the interiors of any commercial place, a lot depends on the flooring. Your choice of flooring has a great impact on the complete look of the office. Therefore, knowing about the various suitable types of flooring can be of help. 

Features of good flooring for an office:

In order to select the best flooring type, one must first understand what works for a commercial space and what does not. Any good flooring must have the following features:

  • Durability – In an office, there are employees moving to and fro from one place to another. This means that the flooring is in use a lot of times and hence focusing on the durability of the flooring is important. Any commercial flooring must have a long life so that you are not spending a large part of your income on flooring maintenance.
  • Ease of cleaning – Clearly when an office has so many employees, it is important to think about the ease of cleaning. Any flooring that is prone to staining is not the right choice. 
  • Noiseless – Commonly employees witness hectic schedules in the office. During these busy hours, even the slightest noise can be disturbing. This is exactly why commercial flooring should be noiseless.
  • Appearance – While durability and cleaning are key features of flooring, appearance also has a vital role to play. The commercial flooring should be attractive. It should be capable of brightening up the whole office look. When we talk about visitors, appearance becomes an important feature.
  • Heat and fire resistance – Avoidance of any hazardous event is the responsibility of the employer. Therefore when selecting any flooring type, heat and fire resistance are key features. These will ensure your office is a safe place to work.
  • Cost feasibility – Every office has so many expenses on a daily basis that expensive flooring is not a good option. Budget is not something you want to ignore when making the flooring selection. So when finalizing any flooring do keep the maintenance cost in mind.

Five flooring types popular in the market:

Knowing all the vital features helps in making an informed decision. However, just awareness about flooring features is not sufficient. Following are five flooring types popular in the market. Information about these will be useful for anyone wanting to renovate their office space.

  • Linoleum flooring – Renewable natural materials make linoleum flooring. Usually for cleaning this flooring one needs a steam mop. When we talk of durability and resistance to wear and tear, this is a great flooring type. The linoleum flooring is also an affordable option for any commercial property. This flooring comes with several attractive features like biodegradability, water resistance, and no harmful health effects. Talking about maintenance as well, this is a good choice.
  • Carpet flooring – The carpets are a very popular flooring type amongst many commercial property owners. Most of the time, commercial cleaning companies like carpet cleaning in Irvine ca are helpful in the maintenance of carpet flooring. For daily cleaning activity of carpets, a vacuum cleaner will suffice. However, in order to keep the carpet appearance new, commercial cleaning is a must. Because carpets are noiseless, they become an easy selection for offices.
  • Vinyl flooring – Artificial and natural polymer materials make up vinyl flooring. This is a great flooring choice for both residential and commercial properties. The best aspect of vinyl flooring is the flexibility it offers in terms of appearance. A vinyl flooring can appear like hardwood, stone or marble flooring. Comfort, maintenance, durability, water-resistance and variety talk in favour of vinyl flooring for commercial use.
  • Slate flooring – For anyone wanting a more natural flooring option, slate flooring is your go-to choice. This flooring type comes with no lamination or nylon carpeting. Because slate flooring is extremely durable they have a higher likeability amongst consumers. Water resistance, hardness, moisture resistance and low maintenance cost make it a must-have option in the list of commercial flooring types.
  • Hardwood floor – Wooden flooring is an aesthetic flooring option. The colour, texture and sizes available in the market make it a good flooring option. However, in comparison to other flooring options, hardwood flooring is not a go-to choice for many. The cost and maintenance of hardwood flooring can be negative for commercial places. Additionally, the wooden flooring is not noiseless and can create disturbance in a working space.

Deciding note:

To conclude, each individual has varying parameters while selecting floorings. Some value durability, others value affordability and low maintenance cost. Irrespective of these parameters, the carpet flooring is a suitable choice that checks all the features of commercial flooring. Therefore if you are still in a dilemma about the best flooring type for your office, think about carpet flooring as your choice. All you need is a great carpet design and the contact of the best commercial cleaning company.

By Mussarat Zafar

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