What are the features of the Shopify bookthat app?

What are the features of the Shopify bookthat app?

BookThatApp is integrated with Shopify and creates bookings automatically when an order is placed. The app connects directly to the product or cart page when an order is placed, making the reservation automatically. Even if payment is not yet authorized, the app will automatically confirm the reservation once payment has been received. With this app, customers can reserve a time slot on your business calendar and book multiple services at one time.

Integrated with Shopify

Integrated with Shopify, BookThat App is a scheduling app that helps your business increase customer confidence and sales. BookThat App connects directly to your product pages, cart pages, and checkout process to create bookings. Customers can book appointments and classes, rent products, and schedule tours and tickets. It also allows you to send appointment reminders based on your business calendar and product-specific reminders.

BookThat App updates customer information between Shopify and the app. Any booking made in the app is automatically added to the customer’s BookThat App profile. Using customer profiles makes the manual booking process easier because the app automatically pulls in information about the customer from Shopify. Customers’ email addresses are also updated in BookThat App. With the integration of these two tools, customers can easily book and pay for their experiences from the same interface. Click here to visit bookthatapp-demo.com and learn more about Shopify.

Integrates with Google Calendar

Some countless apps and platforms integrate with Google Calendar. The list of integrations varies greatly – it can cover everything from CRM to social media to time tracking. Slack is one of the most popular Google Calendar integrations and allows users to schedule meetings and project discussions within the application. WordPress also has an integration with Google Calendar, and you can also use Google Calendar to schedule your WordPress posts and other events. This integration is a great option for a business looking to streamline its processes.

Allows customers to browse your event calendar

BookThat App lets customers browse your event calendar and make reservations for specific days and times. It also supports all Shopify themes, including the free ones. BookThat App is a simple yet powerful app to help your customers browse your event calendar and make reservations. It supports all major mobile devices and web browsers. It supports multiple languages and time zones, so customers in different parts of the world can see your calendar from anywhere.

The Event Calendar App adds a beautiful calendar to your website that keeps customers updated about your events. It includes links, images, and a “save event” button for easy access. The Event Calendar app connects with various external calendars to display all your events in one place. 

Sends email and SMS appointment notifications based on event schedule

This Shopify app allows your customers to make appointments using their mobile devices. It offers group and one-on-one appointment types. You can send email messages or attach a calendar file. 

Shopify users can also opt to receive appointment reminders via SMS and email. Using this app, your customers will receive a text message, email, or SMS reminder based on the events on their calendar. It will allow your customers to manage their schedules and make changes easily. The app supports all Shopify themes, and the app is highly customizable. For example, you can create a customized message for a specific booking and only send the recipient that particular message.

The Shopify bookthat app lets your customers book time slots in real-time through your online store and Shopify POS. The app is highly responsive to mobile devices and has most of the features of a booking app. You can easily set up your calendar to accommodate different screen sizes and resolutions. This way, your customers can easily find your products and schedules, and you can easily manage your calendar.

Supports all Shopify themes

There are many Shopify themes available, and there are various options to customize your website to your liking. Vitals supports all Shopify themes and can even be customized to work with a custom theme. For example, some themes automatically preload their pages when the mouse hovers over a link, and Preloading the pages prevents the apps from loading on every page load. A few of these themes include Turbo, Boundless, and Motion.

Shopify themes come in a variety of price points. While the free Shopify themes are great for newcomers, you may want to purchase premium themes. While you can find premium themes for as little as $150, you can always download a free trial theme to try it out before purchasing one. You can customize one of the free themes to suit your needs and budget. It’s important to know that the free themes offered by Shopify are the most popular and are best for beginners.


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