What are the uses and Benefits of Strip Door Curtains For Your Business?

Strip Door Curtains

You’re likely to have seen or been near a Strip Door Curtains in any retail or manufacturing facility. Although you might not have considered it, PVC strip curtains are a great option if your business is a distribution or manufacturing company. PVC is an industrial- or commercial-grade plastic. It’s very durable and versatile. IT makes it ideal for high-traffic environments needing many moving and transporting products.

What are PVC Strip Door Curtains, and How Do They Work?

PVC is PolyVinylchloride. PVC is also known as “vinyl” by the plastics industry. It has been utilised in various industries, including warehouses, allocation centres, and manufacturing plants.

What can strip curtains accomplish for your enterprise?

For many reasons, these curtains are the best choice for the retail and supply chain.PVC strip rolls are transparent, so seeing what’s coming and heading is comfortable. It reduces or eliminates the chance of injuries and accidents, which increases workplace safety standards. PVC offers all the advantages of glass but without fragility and weight. If you would like to know more about commercial doors in Melbourne visit Larnec Doors and Systems.

  1. It makes it an ideal material to divide different areas of a workplace.
  2. Flexible PVC strip door curtains can be bent in many directions. It’s much easier to move through them or around them when transporting heavy loads by hand or with material-handling equipment such as a forklift. Large machinery can easily pass through doors to reach the other side of the vehicle without pushing the door open or closing it.
  3. These are used as walls in storehouses. They provide excellent temperature control and can prevent bacteria, dust, pathogens, and other contaminants from entering certain warehouse areas.
  4. Strip Door Curtains roll improves safety and productivity in any workplace by eliminating the need for employees to check the coast on the other side of the door before moving forward. With PVC barriers, employees can easily access and maneuver their safety.

What are some common uses for PVC curtains?

PVC curtains have many uses. We’ll concentrate on the first two to reveal how companies can profit from this creative technology to save time and increase security and productivity.

Divide Workplaces into different sections

PVC strip curtains can be used to divide areas in your workplace. They are cost-effective and space-efficient, as well as easy to put up. Many production companies use the same facility for different purposes. One area might be designated for manufacturing, while another section for packaging. Other sections can be used for logistics and warehousing, where products can be stored and shipped out. You might have separate shipping and receiving areas if you have an industrial site.

PVC door curtains are the ideal barrier between these various work areas. They split each area but still permit for visibility and maneuverability.

Protect continually operated outdoor exits and entries

Strip curtains are required for high traffic areas such as loading docks at warehouses or distribution centres. They make it more comfortable to move around in these areas. In a normal setting, opening and closing doors might not seem difficult.It can become monotonous and frustrating when carrying large product loads and skids around and onwards. It can be frustrating to complete warehouse tasks efficiently and quickly with heavy metal or wooden doors.

It is easier to move through a transparent and flexible plastic curtain rather than having to push heavy doors or turn knobs every time. Strip curtains can be either single-piece or strips and close behind the person. It keeps pests out and allows for certain temperatures in each area.

Entry to Refrigeration Units

Many warehouses, manufacturing plants, and distribution centres have to control temperature. Whether you work in the building materials or food industries, certain products must be kept at a specific temperature to preserve freshness and prevent any warping from high heat or moisture.

Manufacturers of PVC strips offer freezer-coated products which prevent cool air from escaping from refrigerated areas or warm air from getting inside, regardless of how many times the doors are opened or closed.

Irregular Areas that Need Systematic Access

Anybody who maintains work in a storehouse or factory understands how fast-paced the supply chain enterprise can exist. Everybody is trying to meet a deadline to get products out on time and bring in new inventory.

Sometimes warehouses have dead space. Although it’s not the best place to store products, you can use it to divide sections. These areas may not suit installing doors, but Plastic door curtains can provide protection. You can make PVC curtains in any shape or size to fit into an irregular area.


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