What do Electrical Engineering Internships Offer?

Electrical engineering (EE) internships are highly beneficial to people who are working towards or have already completed an electrical engineering degree.

Not only is the pay good (with an average salary of $49,887 per year and $23.98 per hour in the United States), electrical engineering internships provide hands-on experience and mentorship for the interns.

Internships are seen as the first step to furthering any career and it is no different in the engineering industry. In this text, we would highlight some of the benefits of electrical engineering internships and how they can profit you.

What Is Expected Of EE Interns?

Before we dive into the benefits, let us walk you through some things required of you as an intern.

Asides from having or working towards a bachelor’s degree in EE, you are to have basic knowledge of the following; Revit, C++, CAD, PowerPoint, Electrical systems, Hardware, etc.

Your work as an intern would involve;

  • Preparation of accurate technical drawings to make sure that installation is up to standard.
  • Use of Revit and other software to design electrical outlets.
  • Prepare detailed PowerPoint presentations of ongoing projects.
  • Provide support and assistance to your superiors when needed, etc.

Benefits Of Electrical Engineering Internships

  1. Real-Life Experience

To become an intern in EE, you must have attained a bachelor’s degree in EE or at least be in the process of doing so.

The theoretical knowledge gotten from the aforementioned program is going to be applied during the internship.

Electrical engineering internships provide an avenue for the intern to put into practice what they had learned in class.

The hands-on approach brings to reality what was only theoretical to the intern and gives them a more tangible knowledge of EE.

  1. Mentorship from Senior colleagues And Networking Opportunities

Interns are normally placed under the wing of a Senior Engineer. The senior colleague is to guide the intern through the EE practice.

The responsibilities of the mentor may include; taking the intern for site inspections, introduction to the practical aspect of EE, general guidance through the practice and the workplace, etc.

You also get to meet other people of your level and build meaningful professional relationships with them.

Electrical engineering internships can help you build a rapport with people higher than you, beyond your assigned mentor, that can also be helpful to your career.

  1. Attractive Salary

EE interns are well paid. The average yearly salary of an EE intern is $49,887 in the US.

  1. Preparation For The Workforce

An internship would give you an insight into what the world of work looks like. There are many fields of EE and embarking on an internship would help you narrow down what aspect you want to work in.


Applying for electrical engineering internships can help you in your career. The program can be a boost to your CV and also help you network with other applicants.

You get to make money whilst getting useful work experience. If this is something you desire, then go ahead and apply for electrical engineering internships and gain all these benefits from it. We wish you luck in your career.

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