What Happens When You Stop Doing SEO

What Happens When You Stop Doing SEO?


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most essential parts of any online business or marketing. The primary function of Search Engine Optimization is to do escalation or optimize a website so that it can rank on a search engine. SEO services help a website to rank on a search engine in an unpaid or organic way so that it will genuinely grow and gain popularity. Google always tries to show the best results for its searchers, that’s why organic SEO would be a better option for a company. There are lots of benefits of SEO for a company. Let’s discuss the importance of SEO and what will happen if you stop doing SEO.

Why is SEO Important?

First of all, you should know that SEO is not some activity that a company takes for granted. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a continuous process that a company needs to do. Each and every company that wants to make a successful business online then they need to do SEO. If you stop doing SEO then you will be left behind in this business race because your competitors are continuing their SEO activities. There are many benefits of SEO services but here are the top 5 essential benefits of SEO services that will help an online business.

1. Better Quality Traffic:

Search engine optimization organic process generates proper and genuine traffic for the website. The search engines like Google always monitor all the website’s activities by sending a robot that crawls into the website and understands the quality and type of articles or blogs that particular website is posting. If the search engine finds it valuable and unique then it will be shown to many searchers leading to an increasing amount in the website’s traffic volume. If you would like to know more about digital marketing agency Sydney visit EngineRoom.

2. Good Return on Investment for Brand:

A good quality SEO is always beneficial for the company in terms of money and popularity. The primary concern of a business is to generate profit from its investment and it has been seen over the years that investing in good quality organic search engine optimization will always generate profit from its investments. SEO is a long-term high-quality strategy that will eventually give satisfying profits.

3. Builds Genuinity and Trust:

If you are continuously doing SEO for your company then eventually your company’s website will appear on the first page or any position of a search engine like Google which will create credibility among potential clients. For example, a person searches for the best SEO services in his or her locality then he or she will search for SEO services in Noida, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc. Then your company website appears on the first page of google and it is most likely for that person to choose your company instead of other companies which creates trust and credibility.

4. Helps in Advertisement or Promotion of your Brand:

Whether you believe it or not, SEO provides 24 hours 7 weeks all year promotion for your company. Search engine optimization work never stops. In a paid promotion you need to pay for the visibility of your campaign and once you run out of your budget then it will disappear. But, in SEO the content will never disappear from the internet even after you run out of your budget if you are working regularly on your keywords and maintaining the ranking.

5. Supports in Creating a Good Marketing Funnel:

One of the best benefits of SEO is that it targets the whole marketing funnel. The content marketing part of the search engine optimization involves different types of content and it helps to target every stage or levels like high level or middle level of the funnel which eventually helps to generate brand loyalty and awareness. SEO is not only for an organization or a particular business for a particular audience but also for the entire audience who are looking for similar services. For example, if a person is searching for digital marketing services in Noida then he or she will find the digital marketing services in Noida but he or she may also receive some relevant websites like the best SEO company in Noida, which may generate more business for your company.

What Will Happen If You Stop Doing SEO?

If you are thinking that your business is getting a better profit and you want to save some more money by stopping doing SEO, before you take that action you’re looking for the ups and downs of stopping SEO, then let me tell you that there is no certain or accurate answer for this question. But, there are lots of consequences that you might face if you stop doing SEO for your company. Let’s discuss some of the issues that your company will face if you stop doing SEO.

1. Decrease in  Rankings and Traffic Volume:

As you know more than 60% of the people chose the top 3 websites on the first page of Google and more than 60% – 70% of people never went to the 2nd page of Google. If you stop doing SEO then you will stop showing on the first page of Google search pages. Which leads to less traffic to the website and even major drop in rankings as well. Eventually, your business will have to face a lot of losses because of it. Your current rank on those search engine pages will eventually decrease.

2. Website Quality Goes Down:

In the modern world things are developing in a superfast way. If you don’t update the quality of your website and the quality of the content then all your hard work will vanish. And if you stop doing SEO that means you stop improving the quality of your website and all the content on it. If you are posting articles or blogs relating to data then it becomes necessary for you to update that data over a period of time. Because data is changing from time to time.

For eg if a user is searching for best SEO Packages in Noida and you are not ranking on the same but claiming to offer good SEO Services then the user will doubt the quality of the website.

3. Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs):

Sometimes people hire some of the best SEO agencies who provide the best Seo Services in Noida, Mumbai, Delhi, etc, to improve their business standards. After sometime when the SEO agencies make your company visible on the top search engine results pages (SERPs), then companies looking for stopping the SEO services for better cost-cutting but you need to understand that SEO not only work to keep you on top SERPs but also work in different strategies which generate more leads. If you stop doing SEO then you will lose all these aspects of seeing in top SERPs.

4. Decrease in trust and Brand Value:

SEO is not only for current benefits but also for regular updates. If you stop doing SEO and Google changes its ranking criteria then your website will not be there in the top searches. Until you update your SEO strategies. All Search engines give values to regular updates because it adds values to the searchers. If you miss proper updates on SEO then you might miss different opportunities As well as fail to notice the upcoming risks.


SEO or search engine optimization has many roles to play in an organization. SEO has many different works which make it more valuable. If you stop doing SEO for your company’s product or services that company providing. Then you will lose researching different keywords for better promotion results. You will also fail to build different links, sitemap optimization, software development, web design, promotion on social media platforms. Fail to update current contents, fail to monitor the traffic on your website, and website optimization. It is always advisable to do SEO for the betterment of your company and you can also hire a company for Digital Marketing services in Noida.


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