What is an Event Management Platform?

Event management software allows you to plan, organize, and track any event. Eventleaf, Cvent, and others can help you manage your events. This article will help you choose the right platform for your needs and discuss its features, benefits, and costs. Read on to learn more about event management software. And remember to contact us if you need additional help. We are always happy to help.

Event Management software

Advanced events management platform software allows organizers to manage their events from a single interface. Choosing a single platform that supports a total event program and a self-service online registration mechanism is built into event-specific websites or integrated into an existing website. This feature supports multi-track and multi-session registration processes and allows attendees to book, modify, and cancel their registrations. Additionally, event-specific mobile applications help enhance engagement. These apps can be used to promote and distribute event content.

Events management platform software helps you plan, schedule, and execute events from beginning to end. Some platforms offer a full suite of event management tools, while others are just useful for planning. For example, Wrike allows event managers to break down plans into stages and assign tasks to team members. In addition, due dates are provided so everyone can track progress visually. Wix also lets event organizers create custom web apps to create and customize them without a technical background.


An events management platform should be easy to use, customizable, and have the right amount of functionality for your business. The features you look for should include real-time event stats, networking statistics, conversion rates, total ticket sales, and revenue figures. Moreover, the platform should be scalable, allowing you to add more features as your event grows. Finally, the platform should also support mobile apps, event promotions, and social media integration, which can help attendees stay in touch and receive critical information about your event.

An event management platform should be integrated with other software, especially those under your usage. The platform should also offer live troubleshooting to resolve any problems you may have. Experiencing unexpected errors during a live event can negatively affect your reputation and result in an enormous backlash. Hence, choosing software that offers live troubleshooting options is crucial. If the platform fails to handle any event, you will have to call the event management provider to fix the problem immediately.


With events becoming more complex, it is essential to simplify workflow. An event management platform can streamline your operations by offering an all-in-one integrated planning system. Using an all-in-one platform no longer chasing down separate virtual event software and floor plans makes teamwork a breeze. Whether your team is spread across the globe or works remotely, everyone can view the same planning platform and stay on the same page.


Choosing the right event management software for your needs can be tricky. To ensure you get the most out of your investment, you should compare costs, features, capabilities, and support levels. A wrong choice could hurt your audience’s impression of your organization, causing a major setback for your brand image. In addition, the wrong software can make you appear unprofessional. Luckily, there are some tips for evaluating event management software to make the process easier.

The price of the event management software will vary depending on the number of attendees you’re trying to reach. The most popular platforms, such as Eventbrite, charge 2.5% of the ticket price plus $.99 per ticket. Other event management software platforms will allow you to set attendees separately for their participation. Some platforms even allow you to accept payments for additional fees, but they tend to be expensive. However, you should know that these costs are only part of the overall cost, and they’ll find other ways to make money from your event.

Apps available

When choosing an event management platform, consider the variety of apps available. For example, Whova’s event management platform includes a customizable event app for maps, agendas, notes, and more. In addition, apps like Momice, which provides a user-friendly event registration interface, can be beneficial in gathering valuable data about attendees. Ticketing solutions like rsvpBOOK, which can manage on-site registration, are also an excellent option.

EventMobi is an event management platform from Canada that offers extensive customization capabilities. It has reached more than 14 million people worldwide and is available in 24 languages. Its event management tools make it easy to customize event content and manage conference resources. It also helps with ticket sales, and event organizers can customize pricing, types, and quantities and set quantity limits. Apps for event management platforms also include tools for marketing and measuring ROI.

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