What to Consider When Picking the Best Hair Extensions 

best clip in hair extensions

Hair extensions are the perfect solution for instant long, neat, and voluminous hair. Whether you want to have a new style, add highlights, or conceal a bad cut, these are the one-stop solutions. To match the requirements of every individual, these are available based on the material, method of application, and usage.

There are synthetic and natural hair extensions based on the material used. The best clip in hair extensions are highly popular since they are easy to use and are accessible at an affordable price. 

There are synthetic and natural hair extensions based on the material used. In addition, temporary and semi-permanent extensions are two types depending upon the usage. 

5 Factors While Choosing The Best One 

Ladies should consider the following aspects while picking the best one. 


The quality of the extensions depends upon choosing synthetic or human hair. The least expensive option is the synthetic one, made from artificial fibers. The second one is usually made of decent quality Remy human hair to look natural when combined with an individual’s locks.

Currently, human hair comes in a variety of shades, from Chinese to Indian. However, if you want the finest of the best options, Remy hair is the ideal choice. It has no tangles and preserves the natural texture. 

Natural Color 

The next most crucial thing when selecting an extension is the color complementing your natural locks. The lengthier ones will look unnatural if you choose the wrong color. 

Suppose a woman’s natural locks are black. She must buy clip-ins of the same color to look more natural.  

Specialists suggest using the color that develops from the midshaft to the edges of your curls to determine the suitable color type. 

Weft and Length 

The term “weft” describes the length of the extension. It could be a short 2-inch weft with two clips connected or a large 7-inch weft with numerous clips. The majority of clip-ins come in bundles with various wefts. If you desire to have thick and complete curls, it is better to get more clips. 

Although length is a matter of one’s taste, staying within a few inches of your original length will guarantee the most convincing result. If not, get long extensions since it is possible to trim them as you wish.

Type of Fastening 

Decide how frequently you replace your extensions and consider your hair type. Clip-ins are a fantastic option if you do not frequently use those or do not wish to wear semi-permanent ones. 

The tape-ins last longer, do not involve heat or glue, are lightweight, and provide plenty of volumes. Micro rings, sew-in weaves, and keratin bonds are ideal for curly locks.


The cost differs according to the quality you want and the application method. The best clip-in hair extensions can cost between $100 and $200, while bonded keratin ones can occasionally cost up to $1,400.

Bottom Line 

Depending on your natural locks, desired length and color, installation method, and the material used, it is possible to pick the best extensions that are ideal for you. 

By Zain Liaquat

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