What You Need to Know About Tables as Centrepieces For Your Home

What You Need to Know About Tables as Centrepieces For Your Home

Choosing the right table is essential, and there are several factors to consider before you make your final purchase. Consider the shape, size, and texture of the table you choose. A table’s shape will determine the size and height of the centrepiece, and it should also match the table’s overall design. You can create a unique tablescape by highlighting unique pieces from your collection. Here are some ideas to consider when choosing a table for a special occasion.

Table shape

You can choose a table shape that suits your needs and style. A square, rectangular, or round table can be used. There are countless possibilities for centrepieces. If you want to keep your centrepiece budget-friendly, you can choose green or minimalist grasses that can be placed in matching containers. A decorative vase with candles can add a pop of colour if you have a dark or neutral colour scheme.

Consider using a runner if you are looking for an unusual table shape for a centrepiece. A runner will add softness to your table and are most effective in homes with coastal, French Provincial, or Hamptons styles. However, a runner will likely date a contemporary, luxe, or industrial style home. The biggest mistake people make when trying to decide on a table shape for a centrepiece is placing too many small trinkets on the table.

If you’re unsure which table shape to choose, you can buy ready-made stone benchtops in Gold Coast. These are often more affordable than those you make yourself. Another advantage is that they don’t have a specific season or style and can be used year-round without the hassle of changing them every couple of months. However, finding the right table shape for your home can be challenging. Once you know what works, you’ll be able to create a unique table centrepiece that will make your guests feel at home.

Table size

The size of your table is also an essential factor when choosing centrepieces. A large centrepiece will overwhelm the space if the table is too small and spoil the guests’ experience. Choose a table centrepiece size that does not obstruct the guests’ vision or block the view of others. Likewise, a large table should not be overloaded with a large centrepiece. 

Lastly, you must consider the height of the centrepiece to ensure it will fit properly. Make sure the centrepieces are symmetrical, which will help the overall design. Moreover, the centrepieces should be proportionate to the table size so that the overall design will be harmonious and beautiful.


There are a few rules to follow when deciding the height of your home’s centrepieces. While the height is necessary for a dining table, ensure your centrepieces don’t obstruct your guests’ view. A short centrepiece should be at least 12 inches high, while a tall one should be at least 24 inches tall. You can also choose to have different heights within the same grouping.

Tall centrepieces can be dramatic and fancier if tall, but they shouldn’t be so high that they are impossible to see. For a table centrepiece, you can use a tall vase with a narrow base, which will be more comfortable for your guests. A tall vase with a short base is an alternative if your centrepiece is too tall. Consider a floating candle in a large bowl or vase if you’re indecisive. Tall centrepieces are suitable for weddings and other occasions but are a little more challenging to work with; try using a large bowl instead.


When adding texture to your home, consider using natural materials. You can also choose to incorporate pieces of artwork, such as paintings, into your home’s decor. Also, tucking natural elements like moss or live greenery into arrangements is a great way to add texture. Decorative orbs made of rattan can also be incorporated into your arrangements.

A tall wood piece on a clear glass jar can create a visually stunning centrepiece. The wood texture plays beautifully with petals. You can also add berries or leaves from outside to complete the design. You can mix and match different textures and add different types of flowers to create a unique and eye-catching centrepiece. This centrepiece is versatile enough to go with any decor.


One way to create a spectacular centrepiece without breaking the bank is by using decorative glass bottles as centrepieces. These containers are inexpensive, perfect for filling with flowers and greenery, and look great when complemented with tea light candles. A few dollar bottles can go a long way in creating a centrepiece with the same impact as a more expensive one. 


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