Why Huawei Phones Are So Popular?

Huawei Phones

One of the largest manufacturers of mobile phones is the Chinese company Huawei. The brand’s products are in demand across the globe. Huawei smartphones received recognition from buyers for the optimal ratio of quality and price. For example, the Huawei p50 is very popular with some exceptional features. But Huawei p50 price is much lesser as compared to Apple phones. This is the reason these phones are gaining even more popularity.

Technical Advantages Of Huawei Phones

Since 2013, Huawei has occupied a leading position in numerous reviews and ratings. Huawei phones are represented by several extensive lines – from budget options to premium. Five reasons to choose a Chinese smartphone by technical parameters:

  • Camera:Devices are recognized as the best for taking photos. On the flagship devices, there is a semi-professional photography mode, aperture settings, background blur, saving in RAW and painting with light.
  • Processors:The manufacturer installs a Kirin processor on each cell phone. Therefore, Huawei smartphones demonstrate high speed in applications and games, reduced battery consumption compared to competitors. New – 8-core 64-bit Kirin 960 processor.
  • Company chips: You can order a good Chinese phone online, the options of which make everyday use as convenient as possible. Signal+ triple virtual antenna, stable Wi-Fi connection, fingerprint scanner, thoughtful privacy.
  • High-quality workmanship: Buying a Huawei mobile phone means getting a reliable assistant with access to advanced technologies, a comfortable shell and a wide range of models for every taste. The Chinese brand has earned the trust of customers and has not been inferior to competitors for a long time.
  • Android operating system: With high performance, the OS is characterized by simple and convenient use, fast data loading, access to hundreds of free applications.

The company’s products are a serious competitor to Apple. The brand is one of the three largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. Consumers are attracted by adequate prices for Huawei phones, the ability to choose a mobile device for any budget.

Software and Visual Benefits

A third of the world’s mobile device owners use Huawei smartphones. Only in China gadgets are confidently ahead of Samsung and Apple. The company has a record number of mobile technology patents and 16 R&D centers.

Advantages of smartphone software and design:

  • Innovation:The line includes models with a curved 4K screen and a graphene battery (40% battery charge in 10 minutes), processor learning technology, directional recording of sounds when shooting video.
  • Stylish design: The developer pays attention to the design of products, where every visual characteristic, “metal” style, smooth lines matter.
  • Updates:Huawei’s flagship models use elements of artificial intelligence. Top smartphones receive regular firmware updates and contain the latest version of the Android OS. The proprietary EMUI interface is a shell with an accessible and intuitive design and many widgets.
  • Premium service:A 3-month warranty for mechanical damage on some top models and a general warranty period of 12 months for other breakdowns, quick repairs at specialized service centers.
  • Price:How much a Huawei phone costs depends on the model and version of the gadget. Phones of the Chinese company are available to all categories of consumers. Even an inexpensive device is distinguished by high build quality and correct software operation. For fans of premium technology, multitasking devices made of expensive materials have been developed in the premium segment category.

The undoubted advantages of the products are excellent quality, high performance, beautiful design and affordable price.


By Zain Liaquat

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