Change Location on Facebook

Why is it Necessary to Change Location on Facebook?

This is one of many questions that Facebook users are asking to change their geographical location. Your location is a key factor in how Facebook works. There are many reasons to modify your Facebook location. This guide will show you how to change your Facebook location and unlock the various features.

Facebook, the most widely used social media platform today, offers tons of geo-based services. Here are some features that can be used to change location on Facebook.

  • Facebook allows you to change your location to improve search results for people, businesses, places and other things.
  • You can improve your Marketplace visibility by changing your location or learn about tons of other ads.
  • You can access many closed Facebook groups and features by changing your location.
  • Facebook Dating allows you to unlock more profiles and connect with more people through editing your location.

How to change Facebook’s location via its native interface?

Facebook offers many features that allow you to modify your location on both its desktop and app platforms. To get better search results, you can edit your location on Facebook. You also have the option to unlock Marketplace and Dating options. You have a few options to change your Facebook location.

How to easily change your location or distance on Facebook Marketing

These solutions will only allow you to change your Facebook Marketplace location once. This would make it difficult to change your Marketplace location more frequently. You can easily spoof your Facebook location using third-party solutions.

Use MxCode to change your iPhone’s location using Virtual Location

You can use Fakeloc if you have an iPhone to create fake GPS for Facebook. This application is part of the MxCode software and works with all major iOS devices. This user-friendly app is available without the need to jailbreak your device or go through any technical difficulties. This application can spoof your device’s location and simulate it moving between different locations. The following steps will show you how to change your location in Facebook Marketplace with Fakeloc. Get it from here and start changing your Facebook location.

To change your Facebook location, you can use a VPN or fake GPS apps

Fake GPS and VPN apps are available to fake Facebook location. You must jailbreak your iPhone first before you can use a fake GPS app. A virtual private network is a better choice. Download a trusted VPN app from the App/Play Store to activate your subscription. Many VPN apps offer a limited amount of bandwidth free of charge, but later they will charge a certain amount. You can also check the subscription cost before you use them on your device.


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