Your Child Must Learn Quran for These 7 Reasons

The Quran is the most authoritative text on God and religion in itself. It combines the divine aspects of religion with most practical ones, thus providing a comprehensive guide in life. Not only that, students of comparative religion and Islamic studies deal with Quranic verses on each exam seeking assignment help in different online platforms.

But these are only superficial reasons for learning the Quran, as all you can get from those online services are well written essays and some satisfactory proofreading services. Beyond that, read this blog to know the real reasons for learning the Quran online with in-depth understanding.

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To know the Muslim perspective

You may not be a born Muslim yourself but there is no harm in knowing the Muslim perspective of the world. Hence, no book provides as clear an understanding on how a practicing Muslim sees the world.

Suppose, in your child’s religion teacher instructs him to write about an essay on Islam and provides no essay outline in the question.

In such a case you better introduce the text to your child in home and explain him how he would see the world had he been a Muslim himself. Your child can have his own understanding by then and you don’t need an outside essay editing service.

To understand the history of middle east

The Middle East is a talking point in every new channel almost throughout the year. Sometimes the countries get into conflict with others and sometimes between themselves. However, the Middle East is almost entirely inhabited by Muslim population.

Let’s assume, your history research paper asks you to provide a detailed thesis on the Arab conflicts, you may handle the technicalities with online software for bibliography, or an APA referencing generator preparing the reference list.

But you cannot understand the source of such a conflict. So, start reading the Quran online step by step. Who knows, maybe you will unravel many of the sources of modern Middle Eastern conflict.

Learn basic qualities of Abrahamic faiths

Abraham is the father of all monotheistic religions in the world. Monotheism essentially means the belief in one God. In western colleges, you may get questions on the overall perspective of Abrahamic religions and not on specific details of the Islamic faith.

If you study in America, you have to maintain the research paper the same way as you do with other subjects, like writing a statement of purpose, background, research methodology, and providing APSA citations etc.

So, begin with learning the Quran on Google, as your theology corporate finance assignment help paper will be no different from the rest.

Keeps our morality in check

You may manage your class work and study modules with a prosaic outline of the Quran if you have knowledge to maintain a simple essay structure. But, the Quran is a vast book of moral teachings. Even if you don’t hold its customs and practices dear to yourself, you can take so much from its moral values.

It’s quite fashionable in the modern time and age to discard morality completely. However, the ancient texts and treatises were a great treasure for moral education.

Not only will you get a glimpse of how morality played a big role in perpetuating religion in scathing desert landscapes, you might make your life a bit better from those too.

Learn the Arabic language

The Arabic language is a fascinating language to appreciate as a significant contributor on a range of subjects from calligraphy to mathematical science. Even modern computer programmers and computer scientists are researching the Arabic languages. But can you understand the Quran so easily?

Online softwares will help you only by becoming your ASA citation generator and knowing nothing about the language itself.

So, you can read a verse or two from the greatest of Arabic literature ever created and step into the modern application of the Arabic language in your respective field.

To increase our memorisation power

We progress a lot from our ancient forefathers. No generation in the past could gain as much specialist knowledge as we do. But how come they had a way better memory than us? Our modern education has emphasized the use of technology for our convenience and took away some basic brain power we used to possess.

The Quran is not only about the religion of Islam, it may become one of the best tools for you to increase your memorisation power. Even in public debates and religious seminars, you can take ready reference from the Quran and make your point clear.

This increased ability can grow your intellectual abilities to a great extent.

To balance modern education with ancient wisdom

Religion makes headlines these days for all the wrong reasons. But was the purpose of religion meant to be so? The more we gravitate towards science and technology the more disrespectful we became of our ancient culture of wisdom. Now we are attempting desperately to prove ancient systems wrong by discarding each of their claims one by one. But, will it help at all?

Like other ancient literature, the Quran provides a plethora of wisdom for an individual’s daily life. More interestingly, you will find that wisdom wrapped inside stories and anecdotes full of supernatural elements where the lines between the real and the magical slowly fade away.

To contribute comparative religion

The field of comparative religion is fast replacing theology. It is drawing the attention of young minds that are dipped inside materialistic claims and technological universes, in a surprising fashion.

Like the Bible, the Quran is also a canonical text which gave birth to a plethora of traditions, culture and practices. So, it will be a significant contributor to the field of comparative religion. You cannot brush all monotheistic religions with the same colour. They have plenty of variations.

Moreover, each religion itself possesses thousands of sects and beliefs which have collided many times in history.

So, there must be some sociological parameters which are responsible for breaking up religions which believe in oneness. So, as a student and learner, your child must read the Quran carefully.

To erase misconceptions

All people have some misconception about the other. Our mind is quite attuned with biases and community ownership. People around the world see the Muslim world as a monolith. But it’s far from reality.

Despite belonging to the same faith, each country in the middle east has its own characters of Islam. One of the rifts is on religious lines. Some are only cultural differences contributing to a greater social milieu.

The Quran itself is a book of many theological contradictions. Some school of Islam follows the literary descriptions strictly while others follow a rather interpretational approach. Even there are oral traditions of the Quran where it has taken a complete turnaround from the usual concept of Allah and his messenger.  So, it’s a world of knowledge to dig up. You should check out the Quran for these purposes as well.

Concluding thoughts

As discussed throughout the blog, the Quran has thousands of reasons to ponder over. How is it possible that an entire population of a significant part of the world relies on its values and central figures as ultimate truth? So, read the Quran and push the boundaries of your critical knowledge.

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