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Kunti Betta is a place of immense historical importance as it is said that the five pandavas with their mother Kunti completed their 14 years of exile in this mesmerizing hill. Thus ,the tourism here has a decent percentage of pilgrims with the explorers and adventure seekers. One may rejuvenate in the trails with the jaw-dropping beauty of the Kunti betta.

It is a 2882 feet high slope that includes two hill locks in the western ghats of Bangalore. The hill is located in a small district named as pandavapura also originated from the 18th century, the Kunti Betta is usually not in sight from pandavapura because of the precarious stone faces and a huge stone column at its peak. The hill has its own uniqueness with the carves and stories attached to them making it a popular place for trekking in Bangalore as people are interested to find and experience more about it.

Starting point of trek

The trek starts from Pandavapura in the Mandya district of Karnataka from where the uphill climb starts but the peak of Kunti betta is vividly seen.The location in 125 kilo meters away from bangalore where you can commute by road or Pandavapura railway station is considered the best means to reach Kunti Betta which is 8 kms away.

How to reach the location

You may also reach the location via the nearest Mysore airport or abundant services are available for your convenience .after reaching the site, As the trail begins, it seems to be a short journey but is a bit technical as it includes steep climbs and descents. In the beginning from the first over top hill until the kunti betta , the Thonnur lake remains in sight.

The landscape is a beautiful concoction of volcanic stones and rocks with brief stretches of grass, shrubby trees and hedge. the on set of the hill is marked by an old sanctuary with a lake at the center, the initial walk is about 60 degrees at slope and moving ahead you would experience a difficult patch to climb that passes through thick vegetation. Many such shocks and surprises would be awaiting for you at trek journey.

Best time to visit

 The best time to witness this mesmerizing natural gem is nearly from September to February as in the monsoon season the trail becomes mushy and murky , also in summers it’s too humid to tackle the extreme conditions. Also the kunti trek is considered to be the best beginner friendly trek as it does not require much of your physical strength and it only takes you two to three hours to complete the trek with great ease. For beginners it is an extraordinary perspective wherein they may experience hill locks, grasslands and also a beautiful lake flowing by your side. 



It is indeed a simple trek to attempt and is best suggested if you looking forward for a peaceful and fascinating get away for escapism. Regardless of whether you are an amateure of a beginner , this journey will add onto your experiences. Viewing the sunrise in the dawn and the sunsets in the evenings can just fill you with a loads of positivity and introspective peace to calm yourself down.

We know that this trekking spot is not so recognized when we are to name the best treks in Bangalore but it is indeed the best one day trek with remarkable experience and sufficient enough to stimulate your adventurous bone. Besides experiencing the beautiful view from the top of the Kunti Betta hill, you may also come across the charming field of paddy and sugarcane to offer you genuine substance for your area.

View during the trek

For all the instagrammers willing to enhance your profile. This place would definitely bless your profile with the beautiful pictures of your location. Also yourself to capture all the memories of a get away as such that gives you the experience of a trek. But also not challenging much of your physical strengths and stamina. It is indeed a mysterious spot to loosen. Free yourself in and sunken in the peace and calm of the surroundings. That is indeed worth every single penny you have chosen to spend on all the expenses. For this beautiful journey in the uphills of the western ghats.

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