7 Amenities to Look Out for While Choosing Short-Term Rentals

7 Amenities to Look Out for While Choosing Short-Term Rentals

Do you want a memorable staying experience during your vacation?

If so, it’s time to choose the best vacation rental for your holiday stay!

Travelers want more than just free amenities; they want an unforgettable experience and providing that will improve every element of their stay.

If you are looking for a short-term rental in St. Louis, MO, check the amenities to make your vacation rental stand out.

1. Fast and Convenient Wi-Fi

Technology and digital accessibility are now seen as necessities for a holiday house. The most important requirement for any modern vacation rental is undoubtedly Wi-Fi. Ensure that the rental home has Wi-Fi as a standard feature of the rental experience unless the property is explicitly off-grid and targeted towards a “technology getaway” crowd.

2. Cable TV or Streaming Services

Most visitors will consider TV access a necessary amenity in their holiday rental, even if they don’t use it.

Always check the cable television on a Smart TV with access to Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, as well as live television for regional news and weather reporting during your stay.

3. Prioritize Office Supplies

Many digital nomads and remote workers are looking for vacation destinations that provide them all the conveniences of an office from a vacation rental due to the growing freedom to work online. If you work in the corporate world, find out if the vacation rental has office supplies like sticky notes, pens, paper, notebooks, and a computer display.

4. Kitchen Supplies for Clean-up

Naturally, if you have reserved a longer stay, you’ll want to maintain a clean and sanitary environment where food is made, especially if there are little children around.

Make sure the vacation rental supplies include:

  • Enough dish soap.
  • A sponge or brush.
  • A dish drying rack.
  • Fresh dish towels.
  • Lots of rubbish bags.

If the kitchen already has a dishwasher, you merely need to consider dishwasher tablets or detergent and perhaps a few operating instructions.

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5. Kid-Friendly Equipment

If you are a parent traveling with infants or young children, pack every item of baby gear before leaving for your trip. Make sure disposable bibs and baby plates are in the vacation rental space. To create a place kid-friendly for visiting families, look at the storage. Additionally, remember to look for conveniences like a high chair, stroller, and travel crib.

6. Pet-Friendly Necessities

If you’re taking your dogs on vacation, you’ll need to provide them with food and water in the rental kitchen. Additionally, ensure that some snacks are available in the rental home to give your four-legged visitors an especially warm welcome. Always look at the amenities once you’ve completed all the checks.

7. First Aid Kit

One of the most crucial aspects of the guest experience is safety. More often than not, getting scrapes and bruises while on vacation, even though nobody plans or intends it.

Verify that the rental property has a first aid kit with the essentials, such as bandages, gauze, antibiotic cream, disposable gloves, and medical tweezers. Look for items like bug bite creams, children’s bandages, pain relief, cold packs, a digital thermometer, and saline solution if you want to be especially thorough.


Ultimately, the amenities you look for in your vacation rental depend on location, property, and guest types. If you want additional amenities, research and choose the right property per your needs.

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