Branding matters

Why Branding Matters and Why You Should Focus on It

Branding is very high up on the list when it comes to success in business. If you don’t focus on your own brand, you could be setting yourself up for failure … or a really uphill climb at best. But you also need to know what branding is exactly. We are here to help with that.

Coming up with a brand name does not have to be hard. You can get something like Namify to give you brand name ideas

Branding Is Everything About You Or Your Company

Let’s say that you want to focus on yourself as your own brand. That means that you need to show ways that you are marketable or relatable. A good individual example would be someone like the YouTube star MrBeast. He has branded himself as someone who does everything from philanthropy to hosting creative contests – like recreating the Squid Games obstacle course and having hundreds of people compete for a huge prize to doing crazy challenges like spending 50 hours in a prison. 

What do you want people to see when they view your site? What do you stand for? Do you like to give back to the community? Are you honoring someone in your family? Tell a story in the about section of your site. That way, there is some humanity behind it and it won’t seem like you are just there to make money. 


You Need To Express These Things Correctly

If you don’t do this, then people who may initially have been on your side and were loyal customers will get angry. The best way to do this is to consistently live your values. If you stress excellent customer service, then you need to do that day in and day out. Pay attention to the people that buy and listen to every bit of feedback, no matter if it is positive or negative. A negative comment could give you the motivation to change things for the better.

A good way to do this too, is through how you display things. It can start with the company logo (maybe getting help with the name from Namify) and colors and flow through the way that you write on your site and communicate with others, like prospective customers. Want to seem relatable? Write in a natural way and not in a stiff and robotic way.

Treat People Right

This was lightly touched on previously, but it bears repeating. You want people to be happy when they use your product or business. That means going the extra mile for them. Sometimes sending an unexpected gift tailored just for that customer or client can go a long way – think like maybe tickets to a hot concert or sporting event. 

But you need to do this in a genuine way. Don’t do it expecting reciprocation. They can smell that and then they will feel used. All of this is just a brief lesson on branding. Entire classes can be taught on this. But hopefully it gave you a taste of what you need to learn. 


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