Why Is There a Need for an Algebra Tutor?

Why Is There a Need for an Algebra Tutor?

Everybody knows mathematics is a tough subject, mathematics needs full concentration to solve the questions. In mathematics, algebra is one of the toughest topics. For beginners, it’s very hard to understand the concepts of algebra. So one must need an algebra tutor who can guide them fully. And help them to clear the concepts. A tutor can teach new materials for every topic and can give extra knowledge that one missed in school.

In addition, a maths tutor can help to identify areas of weakness and work on improving those areas.  A maths teacher can enthusiast student and can build their confidence to work with them

What are the Benefits of an Online Algebra Tutor?

There are so many benefits of an online Algebra tutor. Here, we will be illustrating a few of them,

  • An online tutor gives personalized learning.
  • It’s very comfy and convenient.
  • It saves both time and money.
  • Some students prefer individual attention and it’s very beneficial to them as the tutor will be attending only to them.
  • Some students find it very difficult to clear their doubts in front of so many people, this may be because they are introverts and don’t feel confident to ask.  So online tutoring is very beneficial for those students as they can easily ask questions directly and clear their doubts instantly.
  • Some students find it challenging to make notes on the topic. The tutor platform can help them as they provide notes in document form which students can access anytime anywhere.

What do you Understand by the Pythagorean Theorem?

It is a mathematical theorem that states that in a right-angled triangle the sum of squares of base and height is equal to the square of hypotenuse; this is known as the Pythagorean theorem.

Suppose there is a right-angled triangle with base ‘a’, height ‘b’, and hypotenuse as ‘c’ then it can be expressed as a^2+b^2=c^2.

This theorem is very useful like,

This theorem is very useful in many ways like,

  • To comprehend if the given triangle is a right-angled triangle or not.
  • In a right-angled triangle, we can easily calculate the length of any one of the sides of the other two sides given.
  • To get the diagonal of the provided square.

This theorem is useful mostly in the field of construction.

In a right-angled  triangle with sides a, b,  and hypotenuse c, trigonometry determines the sine and cosine of the angle theta between side a and the hypotenuse as:

Sin(theta)=b/c and Cos(theta)=a/c.

From that it follows, that S that Sin^2)theta)+Cos^2(theta)=a^2+b^2/c^2=1.

A Few Examples of Pythagorean Theorem

Example 1: The two short sides of a right triangle are 3cm and 4cm. Get the extent of the third side.


Let a=3,b=4 we have to find c.

From the formula,






Example 2: Three sides of a triangle are 17,15 and 8.  check if it is a right-angled triangle or not.


From the Pythagoras theorem, we have,


Here, let a=15,b=8, and c=17.





Here LHS =RHS.

Mathematics is a subject that can’t be ignored and needs a proper concept.

Online tutors can build better communication with the students and can help them in clearing the concepts. Cuemath is a reputed online platform that has a website to help students to learn mathematics and develop their skills through interactive and structured learning methods.


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