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How many questions in CSM Exam? – Exam Format for CSM certification 2022?

CSM assists professionals in establishing a basis in scrum, agile, and development. This credential is geared for project managers, software architects, product owners, developers, and testers.

Although there are no formal requirements for a certified scrum master, it is essential to understand the concepts and methods.

After two days of training, you are eligible to take the exam.

Before understanding the CSM test format and taking the exam, applicants must understand the duties of the product owner and development team.

Candidates must pass the online CSM examination after completing a two-day CSM training course taught by a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) in order to comprehend the test methodology.

This two-day training may, with proper self-study, prepare you for the format of the CSM examination.

  • CSM Exam Structure

To pass the CSM exam, you must properly answer 37 questions in 60 minutes.

  • The CSM exam lasts one hour.
  • You may pause and continue the exam as necessary.
  • You may skip or bookmark questions on the CSM examination. The back button is present at all times.
  • After analyzing the questions you’ve saved, you may submit your replies.
  • A warning appears if you do not answer all questions after clicking submit.
  • After submitting the exam, your score will be shown. The CSM passing score is 74%.

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The Best CSM Training Insitutes Includes StarAgile:

  • StarAgile

Training schools like StarAgile help students and professionals achieve their goals in the industry. StarAgile’s skilled teachers address a wide range of topics, including the toned proposed project, Scrum, quality assurance, and DevOps. Trainers provide students with real-world experiences via role-playing, analysis, debates, agile activities, and hands-on exercises.

Workers may open up a variety of doors for themselves professionally by attending a respected Scrum training facility to increase their knowledge and skill level in the Scrum framework. The bulk of the courses is designed to assist individuals and organizations in accomplishing their goals as well as the operational targets they have set for themselves.

There are numerous institutions that are quickly extending their accreditation as a CSM and CSPO training facilities. These facilities provide the best possible standard of education via courses that are comprehensive and easy to grasp.


  • You have the opportunity to repeat the CSM test within the first sixty days after the completion of the course.
  • You are permitted to retake the CSM test at any time.
  • You will be charged $25 for each additional try after the second time that you take the test even if you are unsuccessful.

So, contact StarAgile as it is one of the best training institutes from where you can get 2 days training and hone your skills to give CSM exam. The training is done with great efficiency that will get your concepts cleare.

Well, there are several different things to know about the training process that can lead to the quality performance of the employees. You must always ensure to have the right training program for the best knowledge & experience.

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