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CBSE Syllabus for Class 12 Math’s (Term 1 and 2) 2021-22 PDF

Mathematics is one of the significant core subjects for the students with Math’s stream in their class 12. After the announcement of the class 12 exam dates, all the students now must be in search of the syllabus of each subject. Similarly, the students of the mathematics stream should be aware of the Class 12 Math’s syllabus. Here in this article, we will be discussing the syllabus for mathematics for class 12 CBSE students. We will also see the curriculum and the best way to complete the preparation for class 12 Mathematics. However, it is highly recommended that the online classes are the best way to complete the CBSE Class 12 Mathematics syllabus, but here we will see how and which one is the best online platform. So, first of all, we will begin with the Class 12 Math’s

Class 12 Math’s curriculum

As per CBSE guidelines and the notification, the board has decided to conduct two papers for Class 12 CBSE Mathematics. So, students need to now appear in Term 1 and Term 2 papers with equal weightage and syllabus percentage. Each of these Terms consists of the 50 percent syllabus of the entire Class 12 Mathematics. Moreover, each exam will be 50 marks, of which 40 will be for the theory exam and ten marks for practical and project works. Hence, as a class 12, Mathematics students need to duly understand this format and go through the below syllabus for more details.

Class 12 math’s syllabus

Class 12 Math’s Syllabus can be easily found on the CBSE official site, so the students need to visit the official site of CBSE. As per the CBSE notice, the students will have to appear in two exams, i.e., Term 1 and Term 2, as mentioned earlier. So, here we will discuss the major topics covered in both the Terms of CBSE mathematics exams. So, go through the topics closely and note down each of them. The syllabus is mentioned as per the CBSE guidelines for Mathematics students of class 12 CBSE Board.

Term 1
Unit-I: Relations and Functions Relations and Functions Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Unit-II: Algebra Matrices Determinants
Unit-III: Calculus Continuity and Differentiability Applications of Derivatives
Unit-V: Linear Programming Linear Programming
Term 2
Unit III: Calculus Integrals Applications of the Integrals Differential Equations
Unit-IV: Vectors and Three-Dimensional Geometry Vectors Three – dimensional Geometry
Unit-VI: Probability

Hence, as per the CBSE guidelines, this was the syllabus, and the examination
will also be based on the same syllabus. Therefore the students are highly
recommended to understand the syllabus.

Complete class 12 Mathematics syllabus with online classes

As discussed before, the best method of completing the entire class 12
Mathematics syllabus is online classes. But now, we must be aware of the same
online classes that will assist the students in completing their syllabus. Therefore,

VidyaSetu is the most preferable and the leading online course for class 12 mathematics preparation. Here you get the online video lectures for all the topics of Mathematics, and you also get the access to download them. Along with the lectures, many more features make VidyaSetu one of the most successful online educational platforms. So, let us go through its different features.

  • VidyaSetu has the best faculty for each of the subjects. So, you will have one of the best educators with enough experience to take live classes for mathematics.
  • With the recorded lectures of VidyaSetu, the students can learn everywhere and anywhere. These videos can be downloaded and saved for later use.
  • VidyaSetu also offers the student with the doubt solving facility. The students can either ask their doubts in the comment sections or the live doubt-solving classes.
  • You can get access to quality study materials and practice booklets through VidyaSetu.
    VidyaSetu offers you the frequent online mock test through which you can self-analyze your performances and prepare for exams.
  • All the lectures at Vidyasetu are free of cost.
  • Tips to Score High Marks in Class 12 Mathematics Exam

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Now, we have all the details regarding the Class 12 Mathematics syllabus. Also, we get the knowledge regarding how to prepare for mathematics class 12 syllabus; now it is the time to bag up some few tips to score high marks in Mathematics for class 12. So let us start with the information.

  • Prepare Timetable: The first step towards getting good marks is preparing well for the same. So, the students must prepare a proper timetable to complete each topic and set their daily and monthly syllabus completion targets.
  • Please go through the Syllabus: The next thing is that the students need to understand their syllabus and go through all the topics that will be asked in the exam. Prioritize the syllabus as per the weightage and accordingly do the preparation.
  • Practice questions: The students need to practice questions in mathematics a lot because math’s is all about the questions. So, make sure you have practiced all types of questions from each topic.
  • Prepare a quick formula revision sheet: Since mathematics has a lot of formulas, prepare a chart for quick revision and exam day fast revisions. Prepare a chart for yourselves and paste it in your room somewhere where you can see it every day.
  • Learn Time Management: At last, time management is a critical factor in the Mathematics exam, so make sure you have given enough mock tests to learn time management.

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Therefore, students must complete their entire Class 12 mathematics syllabus
before the Board exam to score good marks. And the best place to grab good
marks and the best learning platform is Online Mathematics classes from
VidyaSetu. At VidyaSetu, the students get the chance to learn the entire
mathematics syllabus in one go. Along with that, VidyaSetu assists the students
with the practice materials and the revision materials. You will get all the
previous year’s question papers and the sample paper for Class 12 maths on the
site itself. The regular doubt-solving sessions and the mock test conducted at
Vidya Setu help the students practice better for the exam.

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