Dare to wear a Fedora- here arecertain things that you need to consider

There are no strict rules that determine the features of choosing a hat depending on the type of appearance. The main thing is that it should be in harmony with the skin color of the owner and not just attract attention. You can pick up a reasonably large model; products with wide edges and a little crown are suitable for men with narrow faces. Keepers of a large nose should prefer a fedora with a broad peak. It will help visually “compensate” for the nose; also, broad fields will help hide protruding ears from the eyes.


  • What to Combine With?

The Fedora hat is a self-sufficient accessory that sets stylish accents in the bow. However, this imposes an additional responsibility on him if the rest of the garments do not match; the hat will only aggravate the situation. Another ban on fedoras is tracksuits and popular turtlenecks or sweatshirts in the company of sneakers. In one ensemble with an elegant hat, they look tacky.


  • The Hat Has No Limitations 

It is equally harmonious in the boho style, the classic business look, and the urban casual. Fedora creates a spectacular tandem with silk scarves, jewelry, and other accessories. The most common option is an ensemble of a hat, a snow-white shirt, black trousers, and stylish suspenders. Such a bow looks beautiful and attracts the eyes. For street wear, the hat goes well with leather jackets and business suits.


  • A Straw Hat Is Suitable For Dramatic Light Looks

However, The tandem of a hat and shorts looks surprisingly harmonious. A T-shirt must be present in this set, but the main accessory is precisely match to the shorts. For example, products are selected in bright shades like red, yellow, blue, or orange to relax on the beach. And if you’re planning a picnic in the countryside, stop by some jeans and a navy blue hat. As footwear, sneakers or slate are suitable here.


  • Pick Up the Right Dress to Complement Your Fedora

The hat fedora always looks impressive with a classic three-piece suit; you can add a white shirt and tie in the same tone as the hat. This is precisely what Hollywood stars once looked like, considered the true trendsetters of men’s fashion.


Indeed, in every modern man’s wardrobe, there are many T-shirts; you can choose a light and inexpensive fedora for them so that it harmoniously fits into the overall arch. Ripped jeans and a light scarf around the neck come in handy in this ensemble. The color scheme can be any, but it is best to pay attention to the terracotta shades and ocher. If there is a print on the T-shirt, the scarf will have to be remove. Otherwise, there will be overkill with accent stains.


However, An interesting tandem can be made from a fedora and a trench coat in the fall. This is a classic and exquisite look. The hat looks very dignified in combination with a raincoat. The main thing is that the outerwear should be plain or with a barely noticeable strip. It would help if you did not use cells and bright prints here. A strict and laconic hat does not fit. Classic shoes and a scarf to match the fedora complete the look.


How Do You Care?

However, The most elegant and expensive hat loses its presentable appearance if mishandled. Therefore, in conclusion, we will give some recommendations on caring for the accessory.


  • You can store the hat by placing it on the crown, in no case on the edges, because they deform under the influence of gravity.
  • The hat can be hung on a hook; the main thing is that it is not a point and does not leave marks on the fedora. Please note that you should not leave your hat in this position for too long. This storage method should be short-lived, for example, during a visit.
  • If you don’t plan to use your hat for the next few months, fill it with cotton to prevent it from wrinkling.
  • It is necessary to store the fedora in a dry place to protect the product from moisture and excessive heat. Both one and the other have the most adverse effect on the shape retention of the product.
  • Protect your hat from moths with lavender or cedar oil, which have a pleasant masculine scent.
  • Remove the dirt with brushes and brushes specially designed for cleaning hats. Natural bristles are better; nylon will quickly destroy the felt structure.
  • Dust deposits can be easily removed with an ordinary damp cloth, and to remove animal hairs from the surface, a roller with adhesive tape is suitable.
  • Dry cleaning is best if your hat has a greasy stain, although you can use cornstarch to remove the fresh paint. It is mixed with water and gently apply to the color; after drying, smear it with a brush.
  • Ensure to ventilate the hat well after use; otherwise, the sweat will not evaporate, and the material will absorb it.



The fedora hat is call “gangster.” With this headpiece, you can create the most stylish bows, reminiscent of movies about the life of a crowd in Chicago in the 1930s. The fedora fits harmoniously into the casual style and as an element of a noble business bow. A stylish accessory brings nobility to the image of a man, emphasizes charisma, and emphasizes the originality of its owner.



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