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How Contract Technology Supports Environmental, Social, and Governance Commitments

Given the complexity of today’s global challenges, many organizations are faced with the need to focus on sustainable business practices. Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) principles are becoming increasingly central to business.

Today, more and more investors want to know not only that they are getting a return on their investment but also that their capital is being used effectively. As investors demand that management demonstrate its commitment to a better future, organizations must develop strategies, documents, and even contracts to put their ESG policies into practice. 

From an investment perspective, individuals, institutions, and other capital providers want a clear statement of a company’s ESG policy. Understanding and committing to ESG is critical to getting the capital you need to grow and succeed as a company. More importantly, it may be the right thing to do. Therefore, companies must have a position, vision, and processes to implement their ESG policy.

What is your organization’s environmental and social vision?

Most organizations need to have an ESG policy in place and communicate their commitment to customers and stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, partners, and suppliers.

As Docsign employees, we appreciate the fact that we strive to promote inclusion and a sense of ownership. I see every day when I focus on our team members’ health, well-being, and growth. We strive to support our employees wherever they are and in whatever way we can. Docsign pro offers a comprehensive program, benefits, and training for all employees. Most importantly, our leaders define and exemplify our values and commitments.

This includes Docsign’s commitment to helping the planet through its products, employees, and philanthropy. Since 2003, Docsign customers have saved more than 6 million trees, 55 billion sheets of paper, approximately 6 billion gallons of water, and more than 326 million pounds of waste through electronically signed documents.

Through Docsign for Forests, the company supports nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations working to protect the world’s forests. Dedicated employees also volunteer their time to partner with community organizations working for environmental protection and social change. Docsign pro has also chosen to participate in the Science-Based Targeting Initiative’s (SBTi) 1.5°C Business Ambition campaign to reduce its environmental impact. As part of this campaign, Docsign Pro has committed to halving its emissions by 2030. And reach scientifically proven zero-emission levels by 2050. There is still much work to be done, but we are committed to improving these practices and our impact over time.

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As a technologist at Docsign, I develop contracting solutions that provide our customers with a modern, automated, and intelligent contract management platform that helps them achieve their productivity, security, and environmental goals. Gone are the boxes of documents I used to process when I was a lawyer. Instead, everything is electronic, secure, stored, and searchable, and Docsign products have revolutionized the way companies prepare, sign, execute and manage contracts. We’re proud of what we’ve done to make the world better. 

Demonstrate a commitment to technical support and negative security assurance

The digital transformation itself is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. Contract technology also plays an essential role in successfully implementing environmental, social, and governance policies. How can companies hold their suppliers, partners, and subcontractors accountable for CSR? If not, how can companies maintain their own resources responsible for customer commitments?

Artificial intelligence (AI)-based contract management technologies can determine whether appropriate contract terms exist. For example, companies can use this contract technology to identify asset rights and ensure contractors comply with environmental regulations. In addition, AI and automation can enable companies to hold non-compliant contractors accountable through corrective action, termination, and other negotiation rights. Contract technology can also be. Used to incorporate ESG-compliant clauses into new contracts through automated clause banks and standardized contract templates. The ease of use of this contract management technology demonstrates to its board of directors, shareholders, and the market a company’s commitment to developing and implementing ESG policies.

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