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Get a Closer Look at Some of the Most Exotic Discus Fish Species in India!

Discus fish are some of the most exotic and beautiful fish in the world. They can mostly find discus fish in India, which makes them some of the most interesting and unique fish species around. Here are a few of the more exotic discus fish species in India:

The Siamese Fighting Fish:

This discus fish grows up to three feet long and can have vibrant colors, including shades of pink, orange, and yellow. This attractive fish from Southeast Asia is found in various rivers and streams. Some of the most popular places to find these fish include the Mahanadi River in Odisha, the Godavari River in Andhra Pradesh, and the Kaveri River in Tamil Nadu. 

These fish are known for their aggressive nature when fighting over mates or food. They are also known for their amazing swimming skills. As they can swim very fast and jump great heights underwater. Siamese fighting fish is a beautiful fish that deserves its popularity because it is interesting. Rarely found anywhere else in the world.

The Blue Diamond Discus: 

This fish is a real show stopper when it comes to discus fish. With its bright turquoise scales, this fish is sure to turn heads in any aquarium. The blue diamond discus is not only stunning to look at, but it also has some interesting characteristics that set it apart from other discus species. 

Some of the most distinguishing features of the blue diamond discus are its large dorsal and anal fins. These fins are particularly impressive because they are made entirely of blue scales. In addition, this fish has a very long tail which can be as long as 12 inches. 

The blue diamond discus is a rarity and can be difficult to find for sale in stores. If you want to add one to your tank, be sure to check with online retailers or specialty fish stores. These fishes are good-looking and stylish this is good for your home showcase.

The Green Terror: 

It’s not every day that you see a fish the color of an emerald in your local tank, but that is exactly what you can find in India’s rivers and ponds.

The Green Terror – This beautiful discus comes in many different colors including green, blue, and gold. The Blue Tiger Discus – This discus is unique because it has two different colored dorsal fins- one blue and one yellow. The Yellow Fin Discus – This colorful discus grows to be over six inches long and has a yellow tail fin.

The Leopard Cichlid: 

Leopard cichlid is a popular discus fish found in many tropical and subtropical regions of the world. These fish are often available for purchase in pet stores. So it’s important to have a closer look at some of the most exotic discus fish species in India.

Some of the key features that set these fish apart include their elongated body shape and their brightly-colored scales. Leopard cichlid can grow up to six inches in length and provide bright colors with a variety of patterns.


Each has its unique features and personality. If you want to add one of these exotic fish to your collection. Be sure to do your research first to find the best type for you. Thanks for reading!


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