How To Choose a Gaming Headset?

When choosing an accessory for games, pay attention to design, fit, quality of materials, and microphone sensitivity. It would be useful to have an external sound card, noise reduction, a wireless chip, and other additional features.

Design Features

In order not to cause inconvenience during many hours of gaming sessions, headphones should be comfortable. Therefore, before you buy this or that model, evaluate the design. Headphones should fit snugly to the ears and head, but not cause discomfort.

On-ear headphones come in several types:

  • Due to the open-type design, you will be able to distinguish noise/sounds around. These headphones have rather a low sound isolation, which makes them not the best option for gaming.
  • Semi-open. The ear cups have holes through which air and sound can pass. Soundproofing in such a headset is not bad. The ears in them practically do not get tired.
  • Closed-type models are distinguished by a good soundproofing case. A sealed environment provides deep sound and powerful low frequencies.

Prolonged use of a closed headset can cause discomfort and ear fatigue. Therefore, for long gaming marathons, it is better to choose high-quality semi-open models.

Comfort and ergonomics

When choosing, pay attention to ergonomics and the way the headphones are attached to the head. On-ear headphones can be held with a headband – an arc-shaped attachment located between the ear pads. The headband in this case should have a soft coating and special inserts so as not to squeeze the temples and the parietal part of the head.

In addition, there are models in which the headband is located on the back of the head. Headphones should be adjustable so that you can adjust them to suit you.

Specifications of gaming headsets

To decide which headphones to choose for video games, it is best to compare several models from different manufacturers. It is worth paying attention to the build quality and materials. The best option would be a device made of durable plastic. Some parts, such as the headband, maybe metal. All parts that meet the head should be soft.

It is important to evaluate other parameters:

  • Availability of 3D sound technology. Surround sound will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the gameplay, as well as get additional benefits in some video games. You will be able to distinguish a variety of sounds, respond faster to changes in the game situation.
  • Those who love online games or are fond of e-sports should choose headphones with a built-in microphone. For example, such as Corsair. Thanks to the microphone, you can easily communicate with game partners and members of the game team.
  • Wire length. The length of the power cord of gaming headphones must be at least two meters. Such a wire will not hinder movement and interfere during use. It is best if the wire is removable. If necessary, you can easily replace it with a new one.
  • Connection type. Choose headphones with a USB connector. Such devices broadcast sound better than headphones with a standard 3.5 mm jack. Moreover, the USB connection provides access to the settings of the control panel combined with the sound card. Bluetooth-enabled wireless gaming headset pc is also very easy to use. Decent wireless headphones are available from Sennheiser and Corsair, for example. The sound in them is perfectly synchronized with the image and arrives without the slightest delay.
  • Keys for switching the volume, on and off the microphone should have a convenient location. So, you will spend less time changing volume settings and other actions, and you will not have to be distracted from the game.

The best gaming headphones need to accurately position the sound. That is, when using, you must accurately feel which side the sound source is located on and at what distance it is located.

In addition, sound effects should be detailed. For example, if a shot is fired and a grenade explosion rumbles at the same time, they should not merge into a single noise. Several characteristics affect the sound quality and volume of headphones. They also need to be considered when choosing.

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