How To Choose Active Noise-Canceling Headphones?

Active noise-canceling headphones are becoming more and more popular these days. It differs from the passive one in that for its implementation not only good sound insulation is used (in earplugs, for example, this is achieved by a tight fit of the ear pads), but also microphones, whose task is to track noise. The latter is then suppressed by analog or digital filters. This has a positive effect on the acoustic characteristics of the headphones.

However, the shortcomings of the design, shape, and materials, such technology is unable to compensate. Therefore, only the best headphones with active noise cancellation allow you to enjoy all its advantages.

How To Choose?

To begin with, the technology of active noise reduction itself has not only pluses but also minuses. The first, of course, is the reduction of ambient noise, which often interferes with the enjoyment of music. Due to this, you cannot twist the volume to the full, which will help reduce the load on the hearing aid.

This technology also has its downsides. First, these headphones are more expensive. Secondly, in wireless models, turning on noise reduction increases battery consumption. Thirdly, this system is often imperfect, distorting the soundtrack. Yes, and individual sensitivity, too, should not be forgotten.

Now let’s look at the main criteria for choosing noise-canceling headphones:


Plugs, overhead, full-size – the choice of a particular option depends on user preferences. For example, overhead models will put pressure on someone after an hour of listening, while others will feel discomfort after wearing the plug-in options for a long time.


Wired or wireless. In the first case, also pay attention to the connector, because in addition to standard 3.5 mm plugs, manufacturers offer the ability to connect via USB-C. But today, users are increasingly completely abandoning wires, because it is more convenient.


It is present in most headphones. Thanks to the microphone, you can use the device as a headset. But the quality of voice transmission directly depends on the installed microphone. Therefore, it is worth personally checking the headphones you are interested in before buying.

Sound. Perhaps the main criterion. However, please note that it is impossible to understand the sound quality from the characteristics. Resistance, frequency range, and other numbers, of course, can and should be considered. But first, you should rely on your feelings while testing the “ears”.

What is the best noise-canceling headphones to buy?

The best ANC headphones can offer great options for any user. Among the models available, Xiaomi and JBL are very good options. You can buy wired headphones from South Korean Samsung and Chinese Huawei at a little more expensive but still at a reasonable price.

Bose and Audio-Technical devices provide very detailed and correct sound. But if you’re looking for something more versatile, Sony and Marshall stand out here. Connoisseurs of powerful bass should take a closer look at the Beats Studio 3.

Full-size models will be the best option if you are looking for gaming headphones. First, they put pressure on the head a little less overhead. Secondly, they can be conveniently used not only with a smartphone but also with a PC, which cannot be said about the plugs.

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