iTop VPN For Gamers

iTop VPN For Gamers

Gaming is a favorite pastime activity for many people. You need several utilities if you are an avid gamer for maximum enjoyment. If you use a PC for gaming, you will need a VPN for PC. Why do I need a iTop VPN for gaming? This PC tool will secure your online gaming sessions, protecting you from various threats.

Introduction To iTop VPN

iTop VPN is one of the best VPNs for gamers, and you should consider getting it. Stick on as we look at this product and how it will streamline your gaming session.

iTop is a renowned brand that deals in pc utilities. Apart from the VPN, you may check out the screen recorder, data recovery tool, and smart game booster. 

How To Use iTop VPN

To use this VPN, you visit its website and download the free VPN version. Use this version for a trial to see what it offers. If you like its functionality, you upgrade to the paid plans. 

There are three premium plans to pick from. You can go for the 12-month package if you intend to use the product for a limited period, and it costs $3.99 per month, billed at $47.99. The 24-month plan is excellent for long-term use, going for $2.31 monthly, billed at $55.44. You pay $1.66 per month for the 36-month package, at a bill of $59.99. The prices are heavily discounted, considering the standard price is $11.99 per month.

Also, there is the occasional beginner 3-month plan offer. You pay $6 per month, billed at $17.99. You unlock several resources when you go premium. A money-back guarantee is valid for 30-days if you feel the product comes short. 

Benefits Of Using iTop VPN For gaming

The following are some benefits of using this VPN on your gaming PC.

Multiple Device Support

iTop VPN supports multiple devices, showing how versatile it is. You can use it on your Mac and Windows PCs, including older versions of the operating systems. More good news is that you can also use the VPN on your mobile device. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Also, one account can support multiple devices.

Faster Internet Speeds

You need faster internet for your gameplay. iTop VPN ensures you have ten times faster internet, meaning you can execute various moves when gaming without any hitch due to buffering.

Added Security Layer

The VPN service ensures you are safe when gaming online. This VPN has anti-phishing, anti-tracking, and ad-blocking tools. You are secure from annoying ads, malicious websites, and malware like viruses and trojan horses.

Access To Almost 2000 Servers Worldwide
You do not have to deal with geo-restrictions when gaming. iTop has roughly 2000 servers worldwide; hence, you can access any content and play games from different parts of the world.


iTop VPN is the ultimate gamer’s companion, as we can see in this article. It is a versatile tool that works on various operating systems and has multiple functions. Secure your gaming PC by downloading the best free VPN for Windows 10, then go premium to access more features.

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