The hottest content trends on YouTube in 2022

The hottest content trends on YouTube in 2022

It’s hard to imagine our life without YouTube. Even 7-10 years ago, many people were skeptical about the new platform, and today YouTube has actually become the main video hosting on the global Internet and occupies an honorable second place in the top of the most visited sites. On the site we search for answers to questions, watch interesting authors and spend a lot of time watching our favorite shows. For many users, it replaced TV and became its Internet counterpart. Thanks to the new YouTube Kids app, it can be watched not only by adults and teenagers, but also by very young viewers.

But the higher the number of active users, the greater the competition among bloggers. From year to year, they wonder what trends will be relevant, how to keep the attention of viewers and where to buy youtube subscribers cheap.

What kind of content is at the peak of fame right now, we will tell you in this article.

Youtube Shorts

You probably know that short videos have captured the hearts of more than one million people. This was mainly due to TikTok, clips from this network can  be found on social networks or see reactions to the funniest ones on YouTube. Statistics show that people often watch clips up to 1 minute long, so the hosting developers have created a separate direction for such content. Now short videos are especially popular on the site and hosting algorithms support authors using the new format. In 2022, you can safely bet on shorts and be on trend.


This video format has long been popular on YouTube, various tasks are performed by both adults and children and teenagers. These are challenges related to food, laughter, sports, games and music. Also, YouTubers perform tasks such as “24 hours in one room” or lip-reading. Users love to watch their favorite bloggers perform funny actions and laugh with their failures. Challenges will be at the peak of popularity for a long time and they can be qualitatively integrated into any topic, even if your channel is aimed at increasing sales and attracting new customers. You can challenge the author-friend and perform it together or take it off individually, so you will exchange the audience and get more subscribers.

Live broadcasts

If earlier only the authors of channels with let’s plays were engage in streamer activity, now the situation has change dramatically.Everyone watches live broadcasts: fans of live music who want to visit the top of Mount Everest, entrepreneurs in pursuit of new knowledge and even children. Many users believe that being on the stream is the same as personally attending an event. People spend a lot more time on live broadcasts than watching videos. They feel that their presence is important for the blogger and do not want to let him down, especially if the streamer communicates with him personally, reads questions in the chat and answers them. In 2021, an innovation was introduce, now you can launch broadcasts in HDR format, this will allow you to convey maximum impressions to the viewer.


Interactive is something that viewers have a special demand for. Viewers want to do various things together with the blogger, and not watch him do it alone. The number of “learning together” requests has increased by almost 50% this year. At the same time, it is not necessary to be a teacher or a coach to interest potential subscribers. You can teach viewers ordinary everyday things, for example, bake pancakes or change a light bulb. Surprisingly, such videos really gain a large number of likes and comments. One of the authors of such content has achieved incredible success in less than a year, there are already more than 4 million viewers on his channel and this figure does not stop growing.He did not use the services that offer to buy youtube subscribers. His channel has become so popular thanks to educational videos about solving everyday problems that are relevant for every person.

Trends in social networks are constantly changing and it is important to keep track of which ones are specific right now. If you do not do this, there is a chance that you will attract an audience and will not attract new viewers. For any author, it is important that his videos are watch, evaluate and comment on, this increases the activity on the channel and makes your channel more in demand. We wish you success, be on trend!

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