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In the last decades, an increasingly significant percentage of the population began to take advantage of the benefits that computers offer, helping them in their daily life both for entertainment and for work.

Today, a PC or a laptop has become a fundamental tool, regardless of your field of activity. In a business, such a device is indispensable, being able to help you better organize your daily tasks, develop and complete different projects, as well as manage the entire activity.

But there are times when, due to time or other external factors, some components fail, affecting one or more parts of your personal laptop.

In general, the first action you consider is to completely change your system, age and outdated performance being two of the most common factors. This is wrong, but in most cases encountered by professionals who deal with the repair of these devices, it has been observed that a single piece that has a minimal cost led to the collapse of the system, and its replacement will allow you to use it many years from now.

What you benefit from if you choose the new Premium Service

The service for computers and laptops is an option often used by many people, who realize that it is the best solution to give a new chance to the device they own. In this sense, the OnLaptop service can help you to solve and fix any problem you may have in a very short time.

OnLaptop is one of the best laptop repair centers in Bucharest, therefore if you want a fast service and a guarantee of the replaced parts, then choosing the newly launched Premium Service service is exactly what you are looking for, it contains the following benefits:

Free return within 60 days

With the Premium Service package, you can benefit from free returns on all installed parts. In this way, you can quickly upgrade your components if they no longer satisfy your current requirements. You will be able to test the performance of the new components in these 2 months to be fully satisfied with the choice made without any regrets. Only serious companies can perform this service, having confidence in the packages and components assembled and sold.

Ultra fast assembly

Time is essential for any person, therefore the possibility of repairing the owned device in the shortest possible time is a priority. In over 90% of cases, OnLaptop service is proud of the fact that repairs are carried out the same day the device was received, which is due to the fact that many of the components do not require complex disassembly. For example, a display can be replaced in a maximum of 60 minutes, like other components such as the Hard Disk or RAM memory.

Free pick-up & return

With the help of the new Premium Service launched by OnLaptop, you can benefit from free transport both when picking up and when returning. The laptop will be transported safely so that its integrity is not affected in any way. This can save you from shipping costs, being a plus for choosing this service.

Priority service

When the device is delivered, your order will be prioritized for analysis and replacement of defective parts. In this way, the waiting time will be greatly reduced, being able to enjoy it in the shortest possible time.

Free replacement during the warranty period

We provide free labor throughout the warranty period for all products purchased from OnLaptop, regardless of whether you want an upgrade or the installed part is not working properly.

Experienced technicians

With us you will find qualified people with experience in the field, ready to meet you with any problem you may have. Professionalism is our business card that we offer to every client who uses our services.

Premium Service has become one of the main services that our customers request due to the fact that the waiting time for repairing the device is much shorter and in addition they can benefit from free transport throughout the warranty period. Thus, you will not waste time on the roads, being able to enjoy your free time in a much more convenient way.

As you can see, a professional laptop service can fulfill all your wishes in the shortest possible time, being able to benefit from your device faster than ever. It is not necessary to completely replace the old laptop just because of a simple part that can be replaced quickly with our help, thus being able to upgrade it.

This solution to give the laptop a new chance is a much more economical way, as it is possible to replace the affected parts. In addition, it will not be necessary to wait a long time to enjoy the system again, already having all the software and data you had.

Especially in recent years, laptop prices have increased significantly, due to the lack of stocks of various components, so now it is much more advisable and convenient to repair your laptop than to buy a new one.

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