Why You Need Xfinity Internet Paired With the xFi Gateway For Your Modern Day Concerns

Xfinity is one of USA’s largest and highly liked internet service providers, when it comes to convenience, ease, and keeping up with modern day technological needs. Xfinity provides advanced technological solutions to its customers along with great convenience and value. It is a great deal for anyone looking for affordable and most importantly family friendly packages that provide speed, coverage, security, and convenience.

Pairing Xfinity internet along with the xFi gateway can solve many of your modern day concerns. Read on to find out how.

Fast and Reliable Connection

One thing that is a prerequisite when it comes to internet service providers is a reliable and fast connection. Xfinity paired with the xFi gateway provides a super reliable and fast in-home WiFi experience. The xFi gateway is best if you have smart home devices, children at home, and people who work from home because even if several devices are connected at the same time heavily using internet, Xfinity ensures that your connection will not break.

Variety of Download Speeds to Choose From

As we discussed, Xfinity comes with convenience for everyone. As much as we stress upon the fact that Xfinity is family friendly, it has speeds for everyone. The speed tiers start from basic packages for single users to ultra-high-speed packages that are good enough for big families with a vast number of devices. Besides, if you use the lowest of internet speeds, you still get to enjoy all the perks and features that Xfinity provides to its users.

Free Xfinity Flex

Xfinity Flex is a 4K HD TV streaming box that comes free with all of Xfinity’s internet packages. As we discussed, even if you opt for a minimum speed package being a single user, you can still avail the free TV streaming box. Besides, being individual user you can create great value out of this service, as you will be getting entertainment package completely free with your internet package.

Free Peacock Premium

Besides the free Xfinity Flex, Xfinity internet comes with free subscription to Peacock Premium. Peacock Premium comes with plenty of popular shows, classics, movies, Peacock originals and much more for you to enjoy. So, even if you avail this feature on its own along with free Xumo, you might not need a separate TV service at all, which will save you lots of money, and the same time you will be enjoy uninterrupted 4K HD streaming with Xfinity Flex and the xFi gateway.

Network Privacy

One of the major modern day concerns besides saving money and being financially smart is network society. An open and vulnerable network is not only capable of putting your devices at risk but also your children’s devices as well as your smart home security system. In this case, Xfinity provides complete network privacy by hiding your personal WiFi. In fact, just to add more convenience, you are provided with guest WiFi hotspots for your visitors, so that you don’t have to expose your network to anyone at all.

Advanced Security

Privacy and security go side by side. The xFi gateway comes with Xfinity Advanced security dashboard that is a personalized security system. The system adapts to your network and provides you maximum security against cybercrimes such as hacking, identity theft, malware, spyware, and data breaches. The dashboard alerts you of any potential dangers, and even if one of your devices gets virus, it immediately isolates that device from the rest of your network and only allows it back once the device is free of viruses. This ensures how Xfinity takes network security seriously.

High Coverage

Well, besides security and other perks, the xFi gateway ensures maximum coverage in big houses. If you have smart home security, gaming consoles, streaming devices, or just a big house, the xFi gateway sends equal signals to every corner of the house and makes sure that it minimizes all the dead zones where internet is usually a problem. We understand how painful it gets to not have internet signals at certain areas of the house, but with the xFi gateway, that is no more a problem.

Syncs Well With Gaming Consoles, Smart Devices, and Streaming Devices

As we discussed, the xFi gateway provides coverage but one thing that takes it a level higher is the fact that it enhances and makes the internet connection work at full strength, minimizing internet lag largely. This aids in your entire network working in sync whether you have smart home devices, gaming consoles, as well as streaming HD content.

24/7 Tech Support

Another thing that makes Xfinity a modern day internet is the fact that with the xFi gateway, you have tech support round the clock. Xfinity offers you remote tech support if you have issues with anything at all from installation, to using the remote. Besides, Xfinity offers customer support for even Spanish speaking customers at Xfinity Telefono: 1-844-207-8721

Parental Controls

One of the major modern day concerns for families involve the internet usage of children. Well, when it comes to that, you can apply parental controls using the xFi gateway by setting up a screen time for your children, having safe search on, and restricting inappropriate content on your children’s devices. Not only that, but the xFi gateway allows you to monitor not only all the other devices at home but also your children’s devices so that you can keep a check on their internet activity and usage.

Final Thoughts

Modern day internet related concerns can be super annoying and can become a pain if not dealt with on time. No one should have to deal with constant issues with their basic internet, and the points that we discussed above are prerequisites that make internet usage easy and smooth for anyone. If you also want to have a smooth and secure WiFi internet experience, try out the xFi powered Xfinity internet now.

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