Ready-made vs Custom Window Treatments. Which is the better?

We live in a world where many things contradict each other sometimes by functionality or others time by their cost. You have to admit that the world is now much more civilized so now we have the capabilities to manufacture a product specifically on a single problem or two just like custom window treatments for the windows of your house.

But many people among us are likely to find a required thing in their local market ready-made, have you wonder that how people find their solution of a problem locally even not telling about their problem.

The reason here is that the manufacturers are producing a product on a standard basis, for example, the standard size of a window is quite the same in most homes so every window treatment you’ll see in the local market is made upon standard sizes. These standards are made by deep analysis, surveys, etc.

But in some cases even with a standard solution, many can’t find their fit same thing happened with window treatments in recent times but now it is not a scene anymore.

Now almost everything can be customized so why not a window treatment. So here briefly point out some of the advantages and disadvantages of ready-made and custom treatments, so you can decide quickly without messing a lot.

Quality Control

In window treatments, quality matters a lot due to major reasons. You can say that the overall appeal of the window treatment is heavily dependent on its quality. In both readymade or custom cases, you probably find good quality, but there is an advantage for custom window treatments here.

And it is that in the case of ready made blinds have to spend a lot of time finding a good quality because in local markets you are going to see quality everywhere.

But in custom window treatments you just have to contact with your manufacturer and he is going make sure that the product consists of good quality hence there is an advantage of time-saving for custom window treatments.

Styles, Colors, and Patterns.

Custom window treatments are going to dominate this section also due to several reasons. Top of the most is that you are not going to see a high range of variety in local markets searching for ready-made window treatments.

They are just limited to fact that they are not custom made. Same for patterns. But in the case of custom window treatments, you are more likely to enjoy a huge range of styles, colors, and patterns surely if hire a good professional.

Professional Advice

Buying ready-made window treatments means you are likely to do everything on your own from colors to measurements or maybe someone guiding you on this.

And more likely that someone is not going to be a professional for every other. So this thing is not absolute for everyone.

But by choosing custom window treatment you are going to be in contact with a highly trained professional with years of his experience. And with this, you are likely to have their expert opinions which will ease almost everything for you.


In regards to sizes, ready-made window treatments is surely a bad decision. Almost every time ready-made window treatments are not going to fit well on the size of your very own window size.

And you probably end up having gaps around the corners of your window so if you have these gaps then what is the point of covering the window.

it will surely ruin each and everything therefore just by solving this very problem custom window treatments are booming everywhere.

On the other hand, it is also true that custom window treatments are much more costly than ready-made ones but still going to be a better investment than ready-made window treatments.


The fact that window treatments can filter light goes through it and can reduce much of that glare is just because of the type of fabric it possessed, it is a fabric whose going to determine how light it will filter.

In ready-made window treatments, you don’t have much control over the type of fabric your window treatment should be made up of to solve a problem probably a problem like privacy and light control.

So you do have to look around for much time, and even after all this you are likely, not guarantee to have what you require.

But in custom, treatments are enough in control over the type of fabric so you choose freely the type and colors of fabric.

Small Details

As now you know that you are very much in control when you are going for custom window treatments. But here I want to make you aware of the most interior design principle.

And it is that no matter if you have the right colors, furniture, and so on, it is going to be incomplete without small detailing because these small details have a big impact on the whole picture.

Same with window treatments the small details matter and you are only in control of these small details when you choose custom treatments, ready-made treatments do not offer you these controls over small details. Small details can be uniquely customized hardware, customized corded, and so on.

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