Luxury Necklace Boxes

What are the Best Places to Order Luxury Necklace Boxes?

What are Luxury Boxes?

Necklace Boxes: In simple words, these are high-quality, and aesthetically pleasing boxes that firms use in order to ship their products. It is a known fact that customers are bound to offer their loyalty to a specific brand based on their packaging criteria. Custom-made boxing and packaging are amongst the most important branding tools organizations can take full advantage of.

A customer is most likely to see and judge a company based on its packaging, so it’s utmost necessary for such firms to keep the quality of their packaging on the higher side in order to spark that wow factor. Hence, customers are bound to have a better unboxing experience if the packaging itself is top-notch.

Most companies often resort to the use of simple, plain cardboard boxes, but the use of luxury boxes inevitably makes the brand stand out a bit more. This proves that the packing itself is equally as important as the contents inside the box. Customers are less likely to order again if the packaging of the products is of low quality. It is, therefore, necessary for custom luxury boxes to represent a firm’s brand identity in a proper manner, and also stay perfectly consistent with logos as well as colors. Below mentioned are some of the places where you can order luxury necklace boxes from.

  1. Refine Packaging:

Be it either a small or a large-scale business, Refine Packaging makes it possible for similar organizations to customize and order necklace gift boxes at affordable price points. This manufacturer offers high-quality boxes, free design support as well as exceptional customer service and support to its customers. The boxes they manufacture are durable and can withstand numerous blows without the risk of getting damaged easily. In addition to this, the printing itself is superior, so there’s basically no chance of the graphics being all smudgy.

These necklace gift boxes are eco-friendly and easily biodegradable as well as recyclable. In case of any dilemma when placing an order, they’ve included the possibility of carrying out live conversations with their representatives in case of any inconveniences. Prior to ordering, an individual or a firm can simply fill out a form, after which one of the manufacturer’s representatives would contact them to quote a price. The next step is to provide custom printing details as well as graphics for the boxes.

  1. Packlane:

Next on the list of the perfect place to order luxury necklace boxes from is Packlane. The firm offers custom luxury packaging for all those forms that intend on shipping their products in one-of-a-kind and unique packaging. Their website is easy to use and simple and offers further ease by offering live designing studios, instant quotations as well as previews. Pricing purely depends on the dimensions of the box you’d prefer to order, but it is worth noting that they’re easy on your pockets too. You basically get more for less considering their pricing perspective.

  1. Packola:

Packola offers its customers to design their custom jewelry boxes for necklaces easily and instantaneously. Customizing and paying online for such boxes is a piece of cake and can be done within minutes. Basically, anyone who considers ordering boxes via Packola can complete the entire process themselves without consulting a single representative. The entire process is that simple. By using their 3D design studio, customers are able to design every single aspect of the boxes according to the way they want, and furthermore, it even allows them to view the customized box from every possible angle. Delivery is fairly quick too, as the order is most likely to arrive within 10 days.

  1. FantastaPack:

Keeping it simple, FantastaPack is amongst the best manufacturers that provide high-quality boxes and packages. Just like other firms, FantastaPack offers its customers the opportunity of customizing boxes on their website in any way they like. In order to place an order, customers have to fill out a form along with their desired requirements. Processing the order takes a little time, but as soon as it’s done, customers are then approach with the appropriate quote. The price itself might be a little on the higher side, but considering the quality of their custom boxes, the price inevitably feels fully justified.

  1. Packwire:

Another well-known luxury necklace box manufacturer on the list is Packwire. They’re fully committ to bringing out your ideal to life, as well as making your brand stand out in the best way possible. They’ve worked with numerous well-known organizations, so worrying over the overall quality of your custom box shouldn’t really be an issue. They’re committ to providing the best quality products and services to their customers. Just like other manufacturers, customers have the freedom of designing their custom luxury necklace boxes just the way they want.  Customers have the advantage of choosing whatever box they like and then designing it from scratch. Price quotes are almost instantaneous, and shipping itself takes around 10-14 days.

  1. CustomLuxuryBoxes

This is amongst the best possible options when it comes to ordering necklace gift boxes. The interface of their website is fairly simple, and its relatively easy for customers to customize their custom boxes using their design studio. In addition to this, CLB also provides customers with graphic designing services. This makes it possible for customers to consult experts and bring their ideas to life via their consultancy. As soon as the orders are place, customers are give the exact quote, and shipping is doing within 4-6 business days. In addition to this, customers also have the advantage of placing a rush order, aka quick delivery, after the approval of their final design. To make it overall exciting, shipping is free of cost


Coming to the conclusion, these are some of our top picks of the places where you can buy luxury jewelry boxes for your brand. These firms are committe and dedicated to providing the best possible services to their customers. If you fear that the quality of their luxury boxes won’t be up to par, then fret not, as these firms have developed a reputation of keeping their quality and services consistent.

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