Why New Cars are More Often Found in the Pre-Owned Car Inventory

Why New Cars are More Often Found in the Pre-Owned Car Inventory?

Pre-owned cars are currently seen as popularly sold as new ones, as well as the regular used cars. But if you carefully notice the preowned car inventory, you will find more recently manufactured cars, than the older ones. If you want to know the reasons, here is a clean explanation we were given by the sales advisor of the CDA pre-owned car dealer that we found as worth sharing.

Pre-Owned Cars are Certified Only When New  

The first criterion of certifying a use car as a pre-owned. One is that it should be manufactured not previously manufactured than five years from the current date. In this, the more recent the car manufacturing date is, the more will be the trade-in value or the sale price.

Hence, to get the best deal while trading their existing car, the car owners find it more beneficial to do the transaction, before the market value starts reducing. Moreover, the sellers also get to buy a new car, if they sell their existing car sooner, than later. To earn the certificate of a pre-owned car, the owners usually do not want to risk it. Hence, universally the car owners look forward to selling off their existing cars in a couple of years from the date of their purchase, to get the best market value.

They Sell Off Easily

From the buyer’s point of view. A pre-owned car which is of recent manufacturing date is preferable to the one having an older manufacturing date. As a result, the car owners start the process of trading in their existing car, as soon as the car completes its first milestone, and the car loan is paid off.

In the inventory of pr-owned cars. The cars that come with more recently manufacturing dates naturally have a better physical and functional condition. Than the ones that are more than two to three years old. The buyers who shop for the pre-owned cars, find the newer cars more cost-effective since all the parts of the car will be in new condition, and even the odometer will not read too many figures, of its traveled distances, which automatically presume, that the car will not ask for immediate repair and maintenance work from its new owner.

Matter of Pride

Cars are still a matter of pride for the owner. When a newly traded car comes to the pre-owned car inventory. Buyers find it as an economical solution over the sale price of a new car of the same model. Hence, the buyers find buying a newer car more prestigious than going for an older version. It is no less than buying a new car, but the fact can be kept only to the owner. That it is bought from a pre-owned inventory.

Moreover, when a buyer sees a newly manufactured car in the pre-owned dealership. He feels fortunate to have a new car at a price of a pre-owned one. So, the chances of a good deal increases, whenever a car owner sells off his existing car for a newer one before the car starts aging, explained the staff members of the dealership where we always find the best pre-owned cars for sale near CDA.

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