What is an average salary for a front-end developer?

We use different websites in our everyday life and some of them appeal to us simply because they are easy to use and simple to navigate. For a business this is of great importance because if the customer is able to interact with the page easily then that will result in more leads, conversion and eventually profits.

It is the job of a front end developer to ensure that everyone who visits the website can interact with the page without any issues. While full stack web development focuses on the back end development part and take care of the entire cycle of software development, front end developer are focused on visitor-facing aspects.

A front end developer also takes care of all debugging issues which can severely impact viewer’s experience. They use a good mix of design, technology and even programming to ensure that the appearance of the website is good and is viewer friendly. So, everytime we click on any page of the website, we are actually using the work of a front end developer.

Responsibilities of a front end developer

The role of a front end developer is very important as the overall design of a website and how effectively it allows customers to interact with it can have a huge impact on the business. To perform their responsibilities well, a front end developer has to have knowledge of Java Script or HTML.

On this job role, you are required to use programming language effectively as you will make use of HTML to create a general structure for the document. Similarly, you will Java Script for advanced interactivity and CSS for the purpose of styling.

Along with this, you will be using libraries and framework to build on various programming languages and to design different frameworks. There are some additional front end language that you can learn which includes Python, PHP and more. These less common languages can come in very useful when you go further into this career as they will allow you to work on back end data of the website.

Job role of a front developer

While we have covered an in-depth overview of the job responsibilities of a front end developer, here are some duties that you will carry out on your job role on a day to day basis.

  • You are required to decide on a proper web page design as per the business.
  • Another important function is that you have to design suitable features for the website that will enhance user experience.
  • It is the job role of the front developer to come up with aesthetic design that are also completely functional.

Salary of a front end developer

You can earn a good pay package as a front end developer and your salary will increases as per experience where according to Talent.com, you can earn $83,548 in Canada on an average. At entry level you can earn $65,000 per year while with experience this salary can go up to $127,238 per year.

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