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What is the role of Social Media in Mental Health?

Social media has now become the most influential place for people to live in. While using any social media platform we keep ourselves connected with our friends and family and get a chance to meet new people every day. While it proves to be a medium of connectivity and sharing thoughts, excessive use of social media can trigger feelings of anxiety, distress, and fear of missing out on something.

15minutes4me offers an outstanding opportunity for those who are depressed and have a mental illness. A decent way to spend a life is to stay mentally strong and healthy but it is the game of nature that a person takes the tension and becomes upset causing a lot of anxiety, upset, and nervousness.

Talking about the role of social media in mental health, there need to be multiple determinants. Obviously social media has a positive impact too in our life. In this article, we will discuss all the outcomes of social media on our mental health. You should get in touch with best mental health doctors near me in case of any mental disorder.

Signs that Social media is affecting your mental health:

  • One of the signs is that you are spending more time on social media platforms, having low or no interaction with real-life social circles. 
  • You are frequently comparing yourself with others
  • Having low self-esteem
  • Fear of missing out on something (FOMO)
  • Having a distracted sleeping pattern
  • Increasing Obsession 
  • Doing cyberbullying or being the victim of it. 

Positive Impact of social media on mental health : 

The human being is a social animal. We need to be connected with each other for the stability of our mental health. While lack of socializing can put you in a serious crisis of mental health issues like anxiety, depression. Social media platforms make it easy for the masses to make them effectively. 

You can now easily communicate with your friends and family. Like you can post your recent activity, share your experiences and enjoy a moment. There are multiple features associated with every social media platform, with a common goal, and that is mitigating communication gaps and easing socializing. 

With social media, your communication is not only limited to your friends and family. You can meet with different people having the same interest worldwide. You can share your thoughts with them and then you come to know that you are not alone with similar thoughts and experiences. 

Almost every social media platform allows people to make their point in front of the community. You can write your thoughts by using any medium. Raise awareness for a particular cause and give a counter opinion. 

On a positive note, all these activities when done in a positive manner can help individuals in connecting and socializing, and learning new things through different mediums of social media. 

It will create a positive impact on individual mental health. As he is close to his loved ones no matter how much physical distance is, he can share his thoughts and feelings.

Negative Impact of Social Media on mental health: 

No one can deny the importance of social media. But it is essential to acknowledge the negative aspect associated with social media. While social media evolves rapidly during recent decades, there is a very tiny amount of data available which can actually tell us about the consequences of social media on our mental health. But available data indicated that the growing trend of social media is changing the behavior of people causing stress, anxiety, and in severe cases initiating suicidal thoughts.

One of the negative impacts associated with social media is the number of insecurities they are creating among individuals. People usually post pictures like they are happy, having dinner in an expensive hotel, traveling around, partying, wearing branded clothes, etc. 

Highlighting only the happiest moment in their life, which puts individuals in a dilemma of insecurities. While life is a name of ups and downs. We all have bad days but no one is interested in posting them. All these factors create insecurities among individuals, especially young ones leading to severe mental illness.

Social media can put you in deep isolation. While you are connected with your loved ones virtually. But you are not actually connected with them. Social media is also distracting a lot. Every day you have a lot more to explore and rather talk to your old friend and plan a get-together. You would probably prefer to use social media.

Social media also enhance fear of missing out (FOMO). Like it’s so engaging that you even don’t remember when you log in to your account and get going. You can become a victim of FOMO. Every time while go to sleep, driving, have dinner, and meet up with your friend you will consistently check your social by the fear of missing out on something. This is a serious concern that is not only harmful to your mental health but also harmed your relationships with others. You should get cognitive behavioral therapy in cleveland for better treatment.

Social media is not still a secure place, there are millions of cases related to cyberbullying reported each year. And it can be fatal, due to extreme distress and panic many individuals fall victim to suicide. There is an extreme lack of awareness among the masses for using social media platforms which is one of the reasons these incidents happen each day. 


In this article, we have learned how social media is impacting our mental health, while social media is continuously changing the perception of human interaction. Reducing geographical boundaries helps in learning new cultures, traditions, languages, and ways of living. 

Changing the definition of socialization. Which is good for human mental health. 

On the other hand, we can’t deny that the negative impact is too large. Which is the leading cause of anxiety and stress nowadays. The best you can do is to take a break from social media, spend some time with your friends, arrange a get-together and create a boundary between your social and virtual life. You can also get counseling from some physicians. They can better understand your condition and help you in identifying the symptoms of your condition.

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